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Audiomeca - Pierre Lurne SL5

Linear Tracking Tonearm

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Audiomeca - Pierre Lurne SL5


The arm tube and headshell of the Pierre Lurne SL5 are machined from one solid piece of aluminium alloy for extreme rigidity.

The pure mass concept is critical in tonearm design. The character has to be negligible to satisfy the neutrality requirement.

A pure mass has no special tendency to vibrate by itself, and moving a pure mass always needs the same force in any direction.

Complex forms, incoherent mass distribution, elastic decoupling, for instance, cannot achieve a pure mass.

Laboratory measurement using a tiny accelerometer fixed on the Pierre Lurne SL5 headshell easily shows how neutral the arm is and, consequently, its outstanding level of sound quality.

Features integrated servo control, automatic arm lifting at the end of the record and electrical cueing.


Pivot to stylus length: 200mm

Total length: 245mm

Total rail length: 342mm

Weight: 900g


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