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Audio Technica ATF5

Stereo Moving-Coil Cartridge

audio technica atf5 cartridge
Audio Technica ATF5


This is a lightweight low moving-mass cartridge system incorporating the latest materials technology.

The AT-F5/OCC uses a completely newly developed special elliptically polished 0.07
x 0.14mm nude-diamond stylus with high range characteristics. It is the first lightweight, hard, high-speed transmission 00.3mm beryllium cantilever cartridge in this class.

In order to give rigidity to the low moving-mass system and electric coil a hardened plastic whisker made in a VC mold is incorporated, guaranteeing highly efficient transmission.

Also included is a vertical stabilizer which further increases tracking stability, particularly on warped records.

Using new materials and the latest developments in technology it has been possible
AT-F5/OCC to significantly improve the overall quality.

The Pure Copper by Ohno Continuous Casting process (PCOCC) has revolutionized transparent transmission and has raised to a high level the efficiency and accuracy of the transmission.

The magnetic circuit fixture section and the body undercover are made from hardened plastic. The mounting base is milled from a solid block of aluminum and finished with Alumite and the housing is made from a hard plated plastic. Unusually resilient materials are used and Q damping helps to eliminate unwanted resonance.


Type: moving coil

Frequency response: 15 to 15,000Hz

Output voltage: 0.3mV

Channel separation: 27dB

Output balance: 1.5dB

Vertical tracking force: 1.25 to 1.75g (standard 1.5g)

Stylus: 0.14 x 0.07 mm diamond

Weight: 5.0g


instruction/owners manual  Nihongo

instruction/owners manual  English - Steve Morris

instruction/owners manual  English Deutsch Francais - javilon64

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