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Audio Technica AT2214

Dual Magnet Phono Cartridge

audio technica at2214sh dual magnet phono cartridge
Audio Technica AT2214


The AT2214SH is rightfully called the universal phono cartridge. Not only does it play all types of stereo and 4-channel records, it is also designed to bring out the best in most current record players and turntables.

Credit for much of its performance superiority must be given to its genuine Shibata stylus. This unique stylus shape permits tracking the highest frequencies up to 45,000Hz, without requiring extremely low tracking force. Yet even with a setting of up to 2 grams there is less record wear than with an elliptical stylus set for under a gram.

The result is superb sound, even at the difficult crowded inner grooves, plus long record and stylus life. Worn records also sound better with a Shibata stylus, because its shape contacts more of the groove walls, reducing the effect of wear from previous playing with ordinary styli.

The basic Dual Magnet construction of this Audio Technica cartridge also contributes to better sound. Excellent stereo separation, especially at high frequencies, is the result of two separate magnets and magnetic systems. A lightweight, tapered stylus cantilever and nude mounted stylus reduce moving mass, while the square-shank diamond insures proper stylus alignment for optimum performance.

With all its features, the Model AT2214SH is a best buy whether you play only stereo records or are adding four channel to your record library. Better, longer-lasting sound has never been easier to achieve.


Frequency response: 5 to 45,000Hz

Channel separation: 20dB

Channel balance: 1dB

Tracking force: 0.75 to 1.75g

Vertical tracking angle: 20 degrees

Output voltage: 2.7mV

Magnetic system: dual magnet, low mass design

Stylus type: Shibata, nude mounted square shank

Cantilever: thin wall tapered tube

Input impedance: 47K ohms (stereo), 100K ohms (CD4)

Stylus assembly colour: Burgundy


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