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Audio Technica AT PL120

Direct-Drive Professional Stereo Turntable

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Audio Technica AT PL120


This professional stereo turntable features a high-torque direct-drive motor for quick start-ups and a selectable internal stereo phono pre-amplifier that allows the turntable to plug directly to computers and other components with no dedicated turntable input.


Type: 3-speed, fully manual operation

Motor: DC motor

Drive method: direct drive

Speeds: 33.33, 45 and 78rpm

Pitch variation: +- 10/20%

Platter: die-cast aluminium

Braking system: electronic brake

Wow and flutter: <0.2% WRMS

Signal to noise ratio: >50dB


instruction/owners manual  English

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Audio Technica Direct Drive Turntables

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Really like it

Quite a good turntable especially for the flawlessly and looks really nice. I put a nice rubber mat on it and its a dandy!

usb turntable

Friend has one, quite good, much better than the ION thing I bought. I have now taken the electronics out of the ION,thrown it away and put them in a nice box and use my JVC L-F66 for transcribing via USB etc..

Comparisons To Other USB TTs


Saw one in the flesh today and quite impressed by the quality vs price. Have you compared this to other USB turntables? Especially against the Project III USB?


Music is Everything....Except Predictable....WFUV Fan.

i own new of this

I have problem starting in cueing if drop the music sometimes going past speed then return to normal speed.. very difficult for beat matching loosing time for gig..

New one

The 2011 version is a lot efficient and works flawlessly. The software that came with it is totally useless. I use soundforge 10.1 by Sony for more user friendly software.