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Audio Technica AT-LP1240-USB

USB/Analogue Professional DJ Direct-Drive Turntable

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audio technica at-lp1240-usb turntable
Audio Technica AT-LP1240-USB


The AT-LP1240-USB is a professional quality DJ turntable designed primarily for DJ use in nightclubs, touring and mobile applications.

It can also be used by music lovers to play their record collections at home. As an added benefit, the turntable offers a USB output that allows direct connection to a computer for easy LP to digital conversion.

The turntable also features a built-in switchable phono/line pre-amp that allows connection to a stereo system equipped with either a phono or line-level input.

Additional professional features for DJs include a sliding pitch control, anti-skate control, start and brake control adjustments, reverse, and dual start/stop controls.

Includes Removable dust cover, Audacity recording software, USB cable & adapter cables


Type: 3-speed, fully manual operation

Motor: 16-pole, 3-phase, brushless dc motor

Drive method: direct drive

Speeds: 33, 45 and 78rpm

Platter: 332mm die cast aluminium

Braking system: electronic brake

Wow and flutter: 0.1% wrms

Signal to noise ratio: 55dB

Tonearm: static balanced, s-shaped tonearm with detachable headshell

Effective length: 230mm

Overhang: 15mm

Dimensions: 450 x 353 x 166.5mm

Weight: 12.5kg

Accessories included: slip mat, dust cover, platter, 45rpm adaptor, counterweight, headshell, power cord, USB cable


alignment protractor  English - almabes

instruction/owners manual  Deutsch - themisto462

instruction/owners manual  English - megatrends

software guide  English - Terry Robinson

XP instruction/owners manual  English Francais Espanol - themisto462

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