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Audio Technica AT 770

2-Speed Battery Powered Belt-Drive Turntable

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Audio Technica AT 770


Mister Disc - Audio Technica AT770 is a personal, portable, stereo phono system designed to allow quality playback of records through stereophones anywhere.

Powered by either internal batteries or an external optional power supply, Mister Disc provides two stereo headphone jacks for personal listening, as well as two line out jacks that facilitate hookup to any standard stereo.

Both long playing LPs (33.33rpm) and the smaller 45s (45rpm) can be played.

Features electronically controlled dc drive and dynamically balanced Tonearm.


Platter: 90mm aluminium

Motor: electronically controlled DC

Drive: belt drive

Speeds: 33.33 and 45 rpm

Signal to noise ratio: better than 50dB

Tonearm: Dynamically balanced

Cartridge: AT103 vector-aligned, dual-magnet type

Vertical tracking force: 2g

Replacement stylus: ATN103

Amplifier frequency response: 30 to 25,000 Hz

Weight: 1.2kg

Optional: AT652A AC-DC power supply eliminator


Mister Disc instruction/owners manual  English

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Fixed it

Thanks, that diagram is a gift from heaven. Excellent!. Mister Disc works like a charm again!. I just need a spring for the cover, but i can probably fix that easily enough...

Sound Burger - only 1 channel plays.

I have one of these, we used to use it at record shows. It plays fine, but when I plug headphones into either the A or B jack, there is only sound from the R that easily repaired? I want to sell it.

here is a link to a manual

here is a link to a manual which should be close enough.


Nature of repair

Thanks for the link...sadly I don't understand the diagrams (guess I should have paid more attention when my brother was assembling his ham radio and soldering stuff together). I guess my question this 'one channel' sound probably a loose wire, and is that an easy fix? To someone who might understand those diagrams, that is. Thank you for your help!

I have another question, about a totally different turntable. We also own a Dual, and just reconnected it to the amplifier after years out of service. The volume when listening through headphones is perfect, but when using the external speakers it has to be really, really cranked. We have three pairs of speakers, and use a splitter (Monster Cable Speaker Selector, with Amplifier protection) to control them individually...could that be the problem? And I apologize for not using proper terminology...I just like listening to music, don't understand the mechanics.

Lastly, have a manual Ariston turntable...bought as a present for my husband 30 years ago, but too sensitive and we could never get the hang of lifting the needle at the end of a record. Is that something that still has value? I'm not so much interested in the money on this or the Soundburger, more in getting it in the hands of someone who would appreciate it.

Mister Disc AT 770

Can anybody send me a pic of the electronics in the mister disc? i have a loose blue wire which i dont know where to fix to.

Repair of soundburger

Hi, Can anybody advise regarding repair of a sound burger. I need to send it to a repair centre and i would be really grateful if anybody could recommend a good engineer or service centre, Thanks

sound burger'sbelt

Does anyone know where I can buy replacement belt of sound burgerAT770?

Amazing, the first vinyl

Amazing, the first vinyl Walkman.......


In the USA

This was also sold as the

This was also sold as the "Sound-burger". It was my introduction to vinyl and was great as I didn't have a lot of room in my bedroom. That said, it was a very low starting point but thankfully I stuck with it. Truly bizarre, did they expect you to go to the park with your records and batteries, find somwhere level and out of the wind, expose records to dust and grit and play them?! Maybe they thought you could jog with it! I may still have it somewhere - if I have I'm setting up a group on facebook!

Audio Technica Sound Burger / Mister Disc

Why do you say 'very low starting point'?
It is not a toy, it is a transportable hi-fi turntable.
It has a decent cartridge and stylus, the preamp is also good.
It looks funny and is named like a toy but it sounds as good as a Dual 1216 with a Shure M75 or the Onkyo Y200.

AT 770

Does anyone know when the AT 770 was introduced? I have one but I don't know how old it is... Thanks! S.