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Audio Technica AT 1100

Low-Mass Tonearm

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audio technica at1100
Audio Technica AT 1100


The AT-1100 is a new low-mass tonearm with a plug-in, integrated arm.

Precision fabricated, main features include extremely low mass, immunity to resonance, and damping to reduce IM distortion and enable high trackability.

AT engineers determined that the fundamental tonearm resonance should be around 10Hz.

At lower fundamental resonances of 4-6Hz, as found in many conventional tonearms, the arm easily picks up record warp and motor rumble.

At a higher frequency of 20Hz, the tonearm becomes susceptible to ambient vibrations in the cabinet.

When the AT-1100 is used with a high compliance cartridge the frequency lies at an optimal 10Hz.

A unique dashpot damps abnormal lateral arm motion and reduces frequency amplitude by 8dB.

Unusual features include the integrated tonearm which eliminates the ring resonance and weight.


Effective length: 240mm

Overhang: 15mm

Mounting distance: 225mm

Effective mass: 6g (straight arm), 12.5g (s-shaped arm)


Provides a well balanced standard of performance at the price. The low mass straight arm version gave fine results with the more delicate moving coils - £120 HiFi Choice 1983


instruction/owners manual  English

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