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Audax KT


The new KT models are the crowning achievement of a quarter century of constant refinement and re-engineering of the very first commercial electronic pick-up arm (Audax 1928) to the fewest possible parts. It is within the very nth degree engineered simplicity that makes the new KT arms possible.

Not only does this structural simplicity eliminate tonearm distortion, bit it is also the very reason why you yourself can assemble these arms in about 20 minutes.

And it is your built in assurance that after every assembly they will be, in every respect, as fine as the factory assembled units...and save yourself 50%!

The Audax KT-12 and KT-16 are exact duplicates of the factory assembled Pro-12 and Pro-16 tonearms.


Mounting distance: 222.25mm (KT-12), 290.5mm (KT-16)

Effective length: 235.7mm (KT-12), 308mm (KT-16)

Overhang: 13.5mm (KT-12), 17.5mm (KT-16)


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