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Ariston Type SHR 2R

Drive Motor

Ariston Type SHR 2R


Drive motor for the 12V versions of the Ariston Q-deck and Icon Turntables


speed setting instructions  English

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Ariston type SHR 2R motor

The library copy of the speed setting instructions for the Ariston type SHR 2R motor make reference to this motor being fitted to both the Q-deck and the Icon. I can confirm that a different motor is used on (at least) my Icon II! Speed adjustment is possible as there is a small circuit board with 2 vari-pots that are much more visible and accessible than the access holes in the motor casing of the SHR 2R that is on my Q-deck. Whilst there are 2 access holes through the underside of the plinth cover, I found it easier to take the plinth cover off as described in the SHR 2R instructions but rather than resting my deck on books (as suggested) I used 2 chair backs to rest the deck on so that I could get underneath (car mechanic style) and make sure my adjusting blade wasn't poking where it shouldn't!

Can't seem to find any info. anywhere how to test the Q-deck motor. Mine won't spin when the arm is brought across. I can hear the reed switch click o.k. and the motor shaft spins by hand so its not seized. I was hoping to test it on my Icon - that's when I discovered the motor differences!

Anybody got any clues please?