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Ariston RD 40

2-Speed Manual Turntable

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Ariston RD 40


The RD40 system is a new generation of turntable designed to represent the finest value for money together with the best performance we at Ariston can produce.

Based on our research and experience over long years the RD40 resolves many of the delicate problems associated with Super Quality Audiophile turntables, and finally brings the listening pleasure associated with these turntables within the reach of most discerning purchasers.

Built from 3 substantial aluminium castings for the base, chassis and dished platter which features a record clamp

Optional heavy platter and DC motor upgrade available.


Ariston Audio has already distinguished itself in the past for products of excellent performance at reasonable prices. Now with the RD40 they have beaten all records.


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50 & 60Hz Pulley

Who has 50Hz pulley for Ariston RD40 motor?

I have 60Hz pulley and want to exchange with 50Hz pulley.

Please e-mail me at if you want to exchange with me.

Thanks a lot!

ARISTON RD 40 & Ariston Forte

I own an ARISTON FORTE SIGNATURE LINE and would like to make a small tip for other owners of this great unit. The turntable is pulled by the drive belt in the direction of the motor. To generate a counter force a tension spring is mounted in the device. You can find the spring in the front part of the housing. It leads from the housing to the suspension of the turntable. This spring consumes about 20 years of continuous stress. In this case the right spring leg can not move freely and drags in his suspension.

This has negative effects on the vibration characteristics of the device and also increases the vulnerability to shocks. I have organized some suitable spare part springs from a mechatronics repair workshop. I had to reduce it by only three windings and that was all. This small effort is really worth, but the installation requires some patience.

If someone can give me the exact type and manufacturer of the motor, it would be very helpful for me.



RD 40 antiskating

Could anybody inform a newbee owner of a Ariston RD 40 how to set the antiskating? It is the thread and weight thing..Trackingforce is 2grams.

RD40 with potmeters on both sides of power button?


I've been offered a Ariston Audio turntable, but have not been able to find any information about it. It looks just like a RD40, but with small potmeters on both sides of the power button. Also the seller informed me it was bought new in the early 90's?? Were Ariston still making turntables that late? Could it be a different model than RD40, somebody tould me it could be a ariston "micro"? but I have not been able to find any info on this model (if its even a model)...

Hope somebody can help. Thanks!

Ariston RD40 DC

Hi.. I have an Ariston RD40 DC very similar I suspect to yours ( 1986 or so ), they were also labeled as Ariston Forte. I have had and modded several RD40s all except one were the AC motor version. The RD40s DC are rather rare with their DC motor and platter speed controls. Also note there is variation in the way one can fine tune the speed of the platter, mine has two small holes on each side of the on/off button and adjustment is via a tiny screw driver through the holes, the very top model had knobs. Another variations was in platter weight and design, my RD40 DC came with a slightly lighter one piece platter assembly and didn't have a record screw clamp. Since the motor appeared to be very strong I switched platters with an RD40 AC that had the standard one piece 4lb platter and record screw clamp. Also available for Ariston turntables was their heavy two piece platter assembly weighing in at 11lbs, although I'm not sure if it was an option for the RD40. I think the optional two piece heavy platter was the same as found on their early RD11's.

Of interest I just picked up an original RD11, with two piece heavy platter, non-captured bearing assembly, rectangular arm board and on/off switch left of the platter... very Linn LP12 like. Since I'm having motor issues with the RD11 I decided to try the two piece RD11 platter on my RD40. The DC motor handled the extra weight just fine, as to the sound I was surprised, I immediately there was greater definition and tons more bass ( not boom... I think ?), so much so I'm gonna have to reposition my speakers farther from the room corners to see if I can tone it down some. Its early so more comparisons to come. Hope that helps.


thanks for your answer. do

thanks for your answer. do you know if it was only the DC version that came with these knobs?

cartridge overhang

I have an RD-40 but no where in the manual does it talk about overhang, does anyone know what the cartridge overhang is??


It depends what tonearm you have fitted as the Ariston arm was optional.

FWIW if you use a universal protractor you don't need to know the overhang as the protractor will set the correct overhang and offset angle for the alignment type chosen by the protractor designer, so the original overhang figure is irrelevant.



I just bought an Ariston RD-40 that I'm planning on restoring. Does anyone know of where I might find parts for it? I'm looking for a record clamp and possibly new suspension springs and belt. Also interested in the heavy platter option, and how would I know if I have one? Thanks, Kevin

clamp / belt

Hello kevinmi,

I have the RD-40 turntable also. For a clamp I googled "Larry Denham". An belt I found in E-Bay. There are a few adresses where you can buy it.
About the springs, I have no adres.

Good luck.


i have just bought one of the last forte apparentely made when the factory was closing .it has a dc motor heavy platter 6.5 pounds and a later fitted rb300 arm .the spindle isnt threaded and it has a small aluminium weight .im interested in set up as well. there is a picture of it in my set up profile .

anti-skate weight

Through several moves I have lost the anti-skate weight off my (Ariston Opus) tone arm. Does anyone know how heavy the are so I can make another one?


Hi, i have just purchased an ariston RD40 from my late father, i want to get it running smothly again, when i put the tone arm on to the vinyl it is sliding of i think it might need balancing but unsure how to go about doing this, any help or advice would be greatly recieved not only by me but also my dad....thanks

Ariston RD40

Hi Tony

My guess is that you need to adjust the antiskate mechanism of your tonearm. FYI, Vinyl Engine in there articles section has strobe discs that you can download, print out to check the speed of your RD40. I have five RD40's over the last three years that I have modded and sold on eBay, (retained one, of course) design is fairly simple but tricky areas, particularly the suspension. Feel free to drop me an email if you have any questions on these great turntables.