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Argonne GA-4

Non-Resonance Tonearm

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argonne ga-4 tonearm
Argonne GA-4


Consequent upon the advent of SP records, the progress of Recording Techniques have prominently revolutionized the efficiency of Audio Parts electrically and mechanically. The vital importance of Tone Arms, which has hitherto been disregarded, has grown to be fully recognized.

Our company also have presented to the world market GA-1, GA-3, Viscous Damp Tone Arm, etc, which have readily won the great admiration of Audio Fans since their debut in the market.

On their heels, we have now further placed on the market Tone Arm GA-4. This Model is truly the culmination of elaborate improvements and the acme of perfection in performance attained through the technical skill of high order of our engineering expert force. Our motto, Hi-Fi at Low Cost has been virtually realized, being now able to offer them at very low prices, to our great satisfaction.

From GA-4, all defects hitherto inherited in the Tone Arm of this kind were thoroughly and successfully eliminated. We now take pride in our GA-4 being a Super-Tone Arm ever placed on the market.


Effective length: 9.5 inches

Mounting distance: 9.35 inches

Overall length: 14 inches


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