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American MC-1

Moving-Coil Phono Cartridge

American MC-1


The American MC-1 stylus will track and operate normally at one ounce or less needle force.

The mechanical stiffness of the voice coil assembly is extremely low, resulting in correspondingly low needle point impedance without appreciable loss in the drive and connector mechanism.

The drive mechanism is constructed so the stylus retracts readily into the cartridge housing upon application of slight vertical pressure. The tonearm can be dropped onto the record without injury to either the stylus or the record.

Impedance of the cartridge is 30 ohms and remains constant over the entire audio frequency range. The tonearm can be operated at long distances from it's associated amplifier without danger of noise pick-up or loss in level. Ideal for low level mixing.

Open circuit output voltage of the moving coil cartridge is approximately 3 mV at 1kHz using Columbia test record 10.003-M. A miniature impedance matching transformer model TMC is available which will develop approximately 0.1V into the high impedance amplifier 'phono' input.

Designed for quality reproduction, the MC type pick-up costs no more than other standard replacement cartridges.


Needle force: 1 ounce

Impedance: 30 ohms

Output: 3mV (0.1V with impedance matching transformer)


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