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Akai AP-004

2-Speed Belt-Drive Fully-Automatic Turntable System

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Akai AP-004


Comes fitted with either an APC-2 (AP-004) or Shure M-91ED (AP-004D) stereo cartridge

Static balance type tonearm with inside force canceller and lateral balance weight

4-pole motor for turntable drive and a geared motor (16-pole 4rpm synchronous) for tone arm drive

301mm aluminium alloy diecast platter


service manual  English

D service manual  English

X service manual  English

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belt for akai ap 004

Roll@Hiware Hi I am looking myself for a new belt, does anyone know how to get one
Location is Brussels, Belgium, Europe !

how do you instal belt drive in akai ap 004

Hello !

First sorry for my english, very limited.

My problem is ,I need à picture or a schematic for instal the belt drive in my Akai AP 004.

Can you help me please, can you send to me a photo with a description for intal a belt drive.

Thank you !

Akai AP 004

Hi, did you already installed the belt? if not i can taught you its very simple.

Do you know where can i buy a replacement belt for mine?