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Low-Mass Stereo Tonearm

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adc lmf-2 tonearm


The ADC LMF-2 is the removable headshell version of the LMF-1 tonearm.

The headshell uses a knurled screw to clamp the platform in place.


Effective length: 237

Overhang: 15mm

Mounting distance: 222mm

Effective mass: 6g

Headshell: removable

Bias compensation: spring applied


The LMF-2 is less attractive than the LMF-1 but still does fairly well. The detachable head facility clearly somewhat penalises performance - £70 HiFi Choice 1983

The LMF-2 arm is very easy to use, especially while making adjustments during tests. The mounting of the arm to the turntable is not difficult compared to some other arms. Mechanical aspects of the arm are generally quite good - $215 Audio 1979


brochure  English - JPK

instruction/owners manual  English

mounting template  English

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ADC LMF-2 Manual and Template

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