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ADC Integra XLM

Integrated Headshell Phono Cartridge

ADC Integra XLM


The new ADC Integra Series. Perhaps the most significant advance in cartridge technology this decade.

The new ADC Integra Series integrated carbon fibre headshell cartridge design reduces the total effective mass of a conventional cartridge and headshell combination by 25% to 50%.

Combined with the "low mass" design is Integra's unique ability to minimize tracking angle and offset angle error with two separate adjustments; vertical tracking angle adjustment and overhang adjustment. Important features when an error as little as 2 degrees in offset angle alone can more than double cartridge distortion.

All ADC Integra cartridges feature ADC's patented Induced Magnet design for extremely low effective tip mass.

Unlike most moving magnet or moving coil designs found in other cartridges, ADC's Induced Magnet design has only one moving element that instantaneously reacts to the most complicated record passages without restriction.

Another feature in all ADC Integra Series cartridges is the revolutionary new OMNI-PIVOT SYSTEM. It's a major advance in micro-technology. There are no restrictive armature governors, wires or adhesives. Instead each armature is micro-machined (within 1/4 the thickness of a human hair) to perfectly lock into ADC's newly formulated high definition suspension block. The Omni-Pivot System provides optimum location of the armature, at all times, under all types of playing conditions. The result is greater musical definition and stereo separation.

The ADC Integra cartridges offer the hi-fi listener uncompromised quality and performance even under the most demanding requirements.


XLM-I/II/III instruction/owners manual  English - Fannick

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