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Low-Mass Tonearm

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Low cost version of the LMF-1 tonearm. Comes fitted with an aluminium arm tube (instead of carbon fibre) and detachable headshell.

adc alt-1 tonearm


The optional stabiliser base ASL-1 provides additional mass to help stabilise lightweight turntable bases, thus establishing a firm foundation for mounting the ALT-1 arm.

The ASL-1 replaces the nut normally used to secure the arm to the turntable base.

Special lead wires (CD4W) are required for CD-4 systems. They are also useful to audiophiles whose preamplifiers have a large input capacitance.

The removable head (LMH-1) allows the audiophile whose tastes require alternative phono cartridges to make premounted changes in seconds.


Pivot to stylus tip: 237mm

Offset angle: 24.6 degrees

Overhang: 19mm

Cue: lever control, viscous oil damped

Cartridge weight range: 4 to 11g

Stylus force range: calibrated 0 to 4g

Bearings: stainless steel ball bearings

Effective mass: 7.0g

Anti-skate range: 0 to 4g


A low cost tonearm sourced in Japan. Of about 8.5g effective mass, it will suit most medium compliance cartridges, but does not give a good sound by modern standards. Failings include a treble brashness or brittleness and lack of stereo precision, not helped by slack bearing adjustment - £44 HiFi Choice 1984


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