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Acoustic Research AR77-XB

2-Speed Belt-Drive Record Player

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Acoustic Research AR77-XB


Truth in listening is what high-fidelity is all about at AR.

A turntable, to meet the AR standard, must be strong„ utterly silent, dependable, accurate and reliable.

No turntable on the market fulfils that ideal better than the new AR77-XB.

It is one of the few turntables that still regards simplicity as a virtue. It is a fully manual unit, with a viscous damped cueing system as it's only automatic feature.

It is unencumbered with gimmicks because we are convinced that there are still enthusiasts who believe in the
designer's maxim 'less is more', and its resulting benefits: low price, low maintenance, long life.

Today, more than 15 years after the AR turntable was introduced, its design principles and its performance remain
standards for the industry.

Its accuracy, reliability and playback performance simply have not been surpassed, even by turntables which cost
infinitely more.

Don't be misled by the modest price of the AR77-XB. You can't buy more accuracy or performance at any price.


Speeds: 33, 45 rpm

Wow & flutter: 0.03%

Rumble: 65 dB

Motor: permanent-magnet synchronous

Drive system: ground, endless belt

Tonearm: integral, low-mass tonearm with removable low-mass cartridge shell

Tonearm type: balanced in all planes

Tonearm length: 279.4 mm

Effective tonearm length: 228.6 mm

Weight: 5.89 kg

Features: supplied with base and hinged dust cover. Viscous damped cueing. Completely isolated tonearm and turntable-platter assembly via damped 3-point suspension. Shure M91 ED cartridge is optional.


brochure  English - 510Goldring

instruction/owners manual (preliminary)  English - Clemente Raya

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