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Acos Lustre GST 801

High Precision Dynamic-Balance Type Tonearm

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Acos Lustre GST 801


Although the dynamic balance tonearm has been known as one that has an advantageous construction in providing high tracing ability, preventing skating, etc, tone arm designers have tended to underrate it because of problems such as the need for a spring, etc for application of stylus force and resultant increase in mechanical friction resistance.

The GST-801 is the first dynamic balance tone arm that has successfully solved all of these problems by introducing a contactless stylus force application system.

This Lustre's unique variable magnetic flux type stylus force application system is a magnetic contactless system of compact and simple construction using a rare earth magnet.

Features high Precision radial bearings.


Type: Magnetic drive dynamic balance type

Bearing: High precision radial bearing x 4

Arm pipe: Stainless steel pipe

Effective length: 240mm

Overall arm length: 337mm

Arm rear length: 80mm

Arm height adjustment range: 41 to 71mm

Overhang: 15mm

Stylus force control range: 0 to 2.5g

Cartridge weight range: 13.5g to 28g (including headshell)


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