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Accuphase AC-5

Moving-Coil Phono Cartridge (2010-2015)

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Accuphase AC-5


Unlike CDs, playback of analogue records in high quality requires dedication and an understanding of the various aspects of the process, making the enjoyment of music with this medium a special and truly rewarding experience.

The C-27 Phono Equalizer Amplifier from Accuphase has garnered high praise in the audiophile world. We are now taking the next logical step in releasing the AC-5 MC Cartridge.

Moving Coil cartridges from Accuphase have a long and distinguished tradition and history, beginning with the AC-1 in 1979, and followed by the AC-2 and AC-3.

The AC-5 picks up this tradition, while incorporating a new design and the finest materials available. It was honed to perfection through extended listening tests and is designed to ensure the ultimate in analogue record reproduction.


Type: moving coil

Output voltage: 0.24mV

Impedance: 4.5 ohms

Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz

Channels separation: 30dB

Channel balance: 0.5dB

Magnet: samarium cobalt type 30

Cantilever 0.3mm diameter solid amorphous boron

Tracking force: 2g (1.7 to 2.5g)

Stylus: 3 x 60um micro-ridge stylus

Recommended load impedance: 100 ohms or higher (amplifier), 10 ohms or higher (step-up amplifier)

Cartridge weight: 11.5g


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