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This page contains answers to frequently asked questions about the site


Registration and password reminder emails are sent immediately after pressing the submit button and should normally arrive within a few minutes. Delays or missing emails can occur for a number of reasons, the most common of which are listed below.

Note As these issues are beyond our control, no support can be provided outside of the general advice given in this FAQ.

The following is a list of common reasons for delayed/lost registration emails:

(1) Some email providers 'grey list' emails and will temporarily reject news senders that it does not recognize. After a delay, our server will retry sending the registration email and, if sufficient time has elapsed (the delay is set by the email provider and is out of our control), the email will be accepted.

(2) Spelling mistakes in your email address - if you made an error when you entered your email address the email will not be deliverable. If you suspect that you made an error you will have to re-register using a valid address and an alternative username, or wait for the username to be available again (non-authenticated accounts are deleted after 24 hours).

(3) Using an email verification service such as Spam Arrest/Zone Alarm to filter your email. If you use a service which blocks emails until the sender has verified they are a human being, your registration will fail. For obvious reasons, these services are not compatible with automated registration systems. Please contact your email provider for further information.

(4) You are using an ATT email provider. In addition to using black lists and user controlled junk mail filters, ATT also silently rejects a large amount of emails using it's own filters. Registration emails are regularly rejected/deleted by these filters.

The following services are affected:,,,,,,,,,,

If you are using an ATT email provider and not not getting registration or password reminder emails, please contact your provider for advice.

(5) The message is in your junk mail/spam folder - please check the relevant folder in your email client or contact your email provider for further details.

Note that a valid, working email address is required to authenticate your account, receive password reminders etc. Failure to keep this email up to date in your profile can lead to the permanent loss of your account.

Some features of the site such as file downloads are restricted to members only. Registration is free and gives full access to our document library, forum and gallery.

Due to abuse, we don't allow registrations from visitors using temporary/disposable or cloaked email addresses, or using email addresses listed in the Stop Forum Spam database.

The list of blocked domains is constantly updated and accounts registered with these domains automatically removed from the system.


It is not possible to change a username once registered.

Follow the link to User Control Panel to manage your account settings.

Use the tabs at the top and side of the page for additional options for the forum/pm system etc

note forum signatures are removed from any account that has been inactive for more than 6 months but can be reinstated on your account page

Most failed logins can be traced to sessions/cookie problems which can be corrected by logging out, deleting the cookie cache in your browser and logging in again. You should avoid using a proxy server to access the site eg the AOL browser

note cookies must be enabled to use this website

To recover a lost password please use the send password form.

Follow the instructions in the email.

If you do not receive the email please check the 'Why haven't I received my registration email?' section above.

Please note that closing your account is permanent and you will not be permitted to open a new account.

The module for closing accounts was broken in a recent forum core update and needs rewriting. For the time being to close your account please send a Personal Message to JaS confirming that you wish to close your account. This may take up to 48 hours to complete.

To change your password follow the link in the forum to User Control Panel / Profile / Edit account settings.

HiFi Engine and Vinyl Engine are separate sites running different software and user authentication databases. If you wish to download files or post on the HiFi Engine you will need to sign up for a free account there.

(1) If you receive the message 'incorrect username' when logging in, please check that caps lock is off and that you are are using the correct character case.

(2) Your account may have been removed due to inactivity - your account will be considered inactive if you have not logged in for for 3 years or more, and have never posted in the forum.

(3) If you change the email address in your control panel an activation email will be sent to the new address. If you fail to reactivate your account it will be deleted after 14 days.

note Inactive accounts are removed as part of our scheduled database clean up, but if you wish to use the site again you are welcome to re-register using your original username, if still available.

If you can't click on a name in the forum, or the name is listed as 'guest', it means that they are no longer a member, usually because they have closed their account or been inactive for 5+ years. In some cases they may have been banned for trolling, spamming, personal attacks etc.

The reason for account closure isn't listed as the result is the same, they are no longer a member and it is no longer possible to discuss posts with them, or to contact them through the PM system. Please do not request contact details or request that a member is reinstated as once an account is closed, either by the member or a moderator, it is permanent.

Note that after a period of time the poster name reverts to 'guest' and threads started by guests are automatically marked for pruning. Posts by guests in threads started by active members are left if removing them would damage the flow of a discussion. For the same reason, it is not possible for members to delete their own forum posts once a reply has been posted.


All downloads are provided free of charge for personal, non commercial use

note files are not licensed for redistribution in any form

If you receive a message saying that an IP address/range is blocked, this is not a block on your account, but the service you are using to connect to the server.

Note: If you are connecting through a proxy, VPN, or download manager, please try again using your standard ISP provided internet connection, as these services are blocked by default.

If your standard internet connection is blocked, it may mean that your ISP has failed to respond to abuse reports on it's network. In this situation, downloads may not be possible.

If you are having difficulties opening documents, getting blank pages or receiving encrypt errors you should upgrade to the latest version of Adobe Free PDF Reader which is available free of charge from the Adobe web site

Please note that 3rd party PDF readers have multiple compatibility issues and are not supported

The most recent files in the library are built using the official Acrobat writer to the international standard PDF 1.7 ISO 32000-1:2008 for maximum compatibility and portability.

Unfortunately Apple has chosen not to fully implement the ISO PDF standards in it's native document reader 'Preview' so some files may not be readable in this reader.

To view PDF 1.7 files it is recommended to install the latest version of the official free Acrobat reader from the Adobe website and use this program to open the downloaded files.

There is no password required to open any of the files for reading/printing

If you get an encrypt error please upgrade to the latest version of Adobe Free PDF Reader

We recommend installing the latest official version of Adobe Free PDF Reader for maximum compatibility

There are daily, weekly and monthly limits to the number of files you can download. The actual limits are constantly under review but a very low percentage of visitors should be affected by the restrictions

Please note that the use of download managers to make multiple connections to the site causes a heavy load on the server and will quickly eat up your download quota

Downloadable documents can be viewed, copied or printed provided the document is used for non-commercial purposes only and any copy of the document includes the Vinyl Engine cover page. We reserve the right to revoke such authorization at any time.

The downloadable files are copyright the Vinyl Engine and are provided under our user agreement. The content reproduced in many of the distributable documents listed on this site is believed to be in the public domain. Permission has been gained for the reproduction of additional documents wherever possible. If you believe your copyright has been infringed by any document posted on this web site please contact the webmaster with details.

Manufacturers who have allowed the use of their copyrighted material on this site include:

Mark Baker (Origin Live)
Bruce (Eminent Technology)
Chris Brady (Teres Audio)
John (Rega)
Heins Henrich Moerch (Moerch)
Steve Rowland (Michell Engineering)

If you have logged in to the forum and get a message asking for you to log in again when either following a download link or posting a message, it is most likely a problem with your security settings.

The forum and download script require cookies to be enabled for account authentication. Non-standard security settings which affect cookie handling, or use of proxy servers, are not recommended and are not supported.

The scripts have been tested working with the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome under Windows XP, Vista and 7 with standard security settings. Other browsers/operating systems may work but are not supported.

Download managers cause excessive load on the server and are not supported by the script.

If you have any issues printing PDF files (blank/corrupted pages etc) first ensure that you are using the latest version of Free Acrobat Reader. If you continue to experience issues please refer to the Acrobat troubleshooting guide:

No, only an internet browser and a PDF reader are needed to download and view files from this site.

To download a manual, simply browse the library to find your model, then click on the required link eg instruction manual, service manual etc.

When the download window opens choose 'open' to open the document in your browser or 'save' to save a copy to your local computer.

Due to the way files are served rather than being direct links, most modern browsers handle the files from this site as downloads rather than opening them in the browser window.

However, in most browsers there is an option to have the file open automatically in your default PDF viewer once downloaded.

For more information, please read the help files available from your browser vendor.


We are always looking for new material to add to our free archive. If you are able to provide scans of relevant documents that aren't already in the library, or have been requested in the forum, you can submit them using the upload scans link in the left hand menu. Note that you must be logged in to see this link

Sorry, but at present we are only able to accept documents via the electronic upload form

Search Engine

To search for a Manufacturer, Model, Forum Post, Image, Forum Member etc

(1) The search box at the top right of each page searches the entire site using the Google custom search engine

(2) The Advanced Forum Search is accessed from the link on the forum page and allows searching of individual forums, or for posts by specific forum members.

Searches for common words/phrases or short sort terms may result in limited search results. If you don't find what you are after try being more specific and using full terms/names rather than wildcards.

Due to privacy concerns the memberlist is not made public. However, members that have made public posts in the forum may be found using the Advanced Forum Search which can be accessed via the link on the forum homepage.


I can log in to the site but either get logged out during my visit or get a permission denied error when trying to post.

(1) Your browser is set not to accept cookies from the site or is deleting them after login - please check that cookies are enabled as they are used by the forum to verify that you are logged in

(2) There is a corrupted/out of synch cookie in your browser cache - log out using the link on the news page then log in again. If the problem persists you may need to log out, delete the cookie cache in your browser then log in again

(3) You are using an unsupported browser - the site is tested working with the latest versions of Internet Explorer 7, Firefox and Google Chrome. Other browsers may work but are not supported. If you have recently upgraded your browser and are encountering difficulties you may need to check your security settings. If you suspect that your browser is causing the problems we recommend trying the latest build of Firefox.

(4) You or your ISP are using a proxy server - the forum is not compatible with the use of proxy servers such as the AOL browser. Using a proxy server may cause you to become logged out from the forum if your IP address changes during your visit.

To start a new thread, navigate to the appropriate category of the forum and click the new topic button

To post a reply navigate to the appropriate thread in the forum and press the reply button

If you have made an error such as a spelling mistake in one of your forum posts you can edit/delete it by clicking on the relevant button above your post.

note This feature is available for 1 hour after the post is submitted, or until the post has received a reply, whichever is sooner.

(1) Browse to the gallery page that displays the full size image that you want to display in your post

(2) Copy the code in the 'BBCode' box under the image

(3) Paste the code into your post where you want the image to display

note there is no need to add image tags or any other code, just paste the code exactly as shown in the BBCode box

Paste the web URL of the image you want to display between IMG tags


note images hosted on external websites may not display if the owner has restricted external linking of images

To change you national flag that is displayed in your profile/forum posts please follow the link in the forum to User Control Panel / Profile and use the drop down box. Note that the choice of flags is based on sovereign nations rather than individual countries within nations.

If you would rather not display a national flag in your profile/posts you can choose the option 'No Flag' from the list of flags.

To add a signature to a post you must first create one via your User Control Panel. Once created, you can check the Attach a signature box on the posting form to add your signature. You can also add a signature by default to all your posts by checking the appropriate radio button in your profile. If you do so, you can still prevent a signature being added to individual posts by un-checking the add signature box within the posting form.

The anti-spam system blocks posts containing certain words/phrases/urls that have been used by spammers.

When a forum post is flagged it is sent to the moderation queue to be manually checked before publication. The moderation queue is usually checked once a day.

When a PM is flagged the message is denied and logged by the anti-spam system.

Note that if the anti-spam system detects an attempt to circumvent a block by reposting using an aliased URL, either in the forum or PM system, it will result in a permanent ban.

(1) click 'new topic' or 'quote'

(1) click on 'upload attachment' below the text input window

(2) browse for the jpg or gif image on your computer then click 'add the file'

(3) once uploaded click 'place inline' to insert the image into your post

note there are restrictions on the image filesize and the number of attachments per post, other file types are not permitted due to security risks.

Paste the YouTube ID of the video into your forum post between youtube tags

Video URL of YouTube video:

Code to display in forum post:


If a topic has had no new posts for 2 years it is automatically locked.

It is generally better to start a new thread rather than reopen a very old one where the discussion has clearly ended and the participants may no longer be active members.

Rather than automatically pruning older threads from the forum, they remain available but in a read only format.

Over the life of a forum, threads may be moved/deleted for a number of reasons.

(1) Moved Posts

You can find your own posts by clicking the 'View Your Posts' link

A detailed search can be made using the 'Forum Search' link

(2) Deleted Posts

If a link to an old thread returns the message 'The requested topic does not exist' then it is no longer available.

Deletion is permanent - please do not post in the forum, or send messages asking where the thread has gone or asking for it to be reinstated.

Generally speaking, a subforum is created when the number of threads about a particular subject/manufacturer suggests that a dedicated subforum is in order.

Please note that subforums are not created in response to a perceived lack of discussion about a particular subject/manufacturer, only where there is already a healthy level of ongoing discussion in the forum.

It is not possible (or desirable) to create subforums for every manufacturer/niche subject as it can actually reduce the chances of a post being read.

It can also lead to cross posting, where visitors are unsure which forum is most relevant to their post and post identical questions in several forums, resulting in fragmented or duplicated replies.

Please note that subforums may be merged into a parent forum (eg Turntables and Tonearms) when the number of new posts/replies/views drops below a certain level.

Personal Messaging

Either follow the 'Messages' link at the top of the forum, or click on the name of the member you wish to send a message and use the 'Send private message' link on their profile page.

Messages are moved to the recipients inbox immediately after pressing the submit button.

There is a limit of 30 messages per mailbox (inbox/sentbox/savebox)

If you get an error message stating that your mailbox is full you will have to delete old messages to continue using the PM system to send/receive new messages

Please note that an automated script periodically purges messages where the sender/recipient is no longer a member or where a message is flagged by the spam system.

(1) Not all users accept private messages

(2) Due to abuse, newly registered users with less than 10 forum posts are not permitted to send private messages

(3) Is your mailbox full? If you have reached the limit for stored messages please delete old messages to continue using the PM system.

(4) If you have a very low forum post count your message will be scanned for known spam words and rejected if any are found. This is to prevent spammers attacking the PM system. Before resubmitting your message you should ensure that your message does not contain web links etc.

Messages stay in the Outbox folder until read by the recipient.

Once a recipient reads a message it moves to the Sent messages folder.


To upload images to the gallery browse to the relevant category, click on the New Image button and follow the on screen instructions.

Restrictions on uploaded image dimensions and file sizes are necessary to reduce the load on the server, disk usage and bandwidth, and to prevent the site layout being broken by oversized images.

While resizing images is beyond the scope of this FAQ, a google search of 'how to resize images' will provide all the information you need to process your images ready for upload.

You can view a list of the images you have uploaded to the gallery by clicking on the 'View your images' link on the Gallery main index page.

Note that this will not include any images uploaded as attachments to forum posts, or uploaded via the upload scans form.


If you have a query about using the website please read the FAQ for answers to frequently asked questions

Please note that the website is provided as is and completely free of charge. We are not able to provide support via PM or email.