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DIY Record Clamp

There are a number of different record clamping devices on the market, some of which rely on mass, and others that physically clamp the record onto the platter.

record clamp

High mass record weights are popular on unsprung turntables, but the additional mass can affect the balance of those with softly sprung suspension such as the Linn LP12, Pink Triangle etc

Screw-down clamps have been used successfully by Ariston and Michell but the requirement for the spindle to have a threaded portion makes these suitable for original fitment only.

collet style record clamp

Another type, the collet style clamp, is used by Michell in their universal record clamp.

This lightweight Delrin design fits standard size, unthreaded spindles and uses a collet to grip the spindle when the upper portion is turned, offering rigid coupling of the record to the platter.

The design offered for consideration here is a DIY mass type (exact weight dependent on the material used for the main body) with integral collet to grip the spindle.

This should offer the benefits of both the mass type clamp and the rigid coupling of the collet type.

The nut and body should be machined from brass, or you could also use an Austenitic (non-magnetic) stainless steel for the body.

DIY Collet Style Record Clamp Drawings © LPSpinner Jan 2007

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record clamp

Just won an Orsonsic DS-250 on e-bay...about $50....but worth $1000 in increased sound quality...I never knew...WOW ! If you play vinyl and don't have one of these... you just don't know what you're missing !

my record clamp!!!!

Hi dear Vinyler,

This is lot of work, To make it easier, I usually use as record clamp a Sony reel to reel hub, it works very good and it is light weight.

Thanks, Merci, Danke, Gratias, louis

DIY Record Clamp

Just find one of Radio Shacks $5.00 disk clamps.

When did the shack start

When did the shack start selling disk clamps?

I went to and

I went to and this item was nowhere to be found. :-(

If music be the food of love, Play on!

Radio Shack record clamps

The Shack stopped selling record clamps several years ago. You can get a similar one at KABUSA.COM. It's a friction type clamp but it works pretty well. It won't do the job a mass type clamp does but it's easier on the hardware.