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Ortofon Rondo Bronze
10/10  by DrMike
Linn K 9
7/10  by DrMike
Ortofon 2M Red
7/10  by DrMike
Denon DL160
8/10  by DrMike
Denon DL103
10/10  by kolob
Pickering XSV-3000
10/10  by Phil-from-TN
Dynavector DV 20
10/10  by kenpell
Pickering NP
9/10  by Naggy
Audio Technica AT-33
10/10  by stevied62
Audio Technica AT-OC30
8/10  by jerrysmith1234
Shelter 90X
9/10  by imay
Sonotone V 100
8/10  by focarglo
Technics EPC-305 MC
8/10  by pvb_2004
Audio Technica AT-3400
6/10  by lampio
Technics EPC-270C
10/10  by lampio
Audio Technica AT-120
7/10  by lampio
Audio Technica AT-95
10/10  by lampio
no image available
10/10  by wolfie62
Ortofon Jubilee
9/10  by Vinylrex
Soundsmith Aida
10/10  by tomh

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