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Technics EPC-U25 Reviews

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Technics EPC-U25

Technics EPC-U25

9/10 by mdceeu2

I got this on ebay for ~$30.50 back in May 22nd '2019. I did [The] research on Technics cartridges. There cartridges are uniquely different (as it has to be due to patents...etc). The Technics EPC-U25 has a fantastic sound to it. All the instruments sound focused and spot on. Clean-Clear-Qualty sound comes out all the time. I'm thrilled that cartridges can still sound good from this period since I don't remember (if) OFC being used? This is a fine sounding cartridge! If you like being able to still get your hands on old stuff like this, I would certainly put this on my list. When replacing the styli, I did not go with the one that showed up when doing a google search. Instead I did some research and came up with this one ( I believe this to be the better styli - going by the specs:
● Symmetric™ profiled conical diamond for tracing accuracy
● Diamond tip r/R radii: 13 x 15 µm (.0005 x .0007 inch)
● Exquisitely crafted in Japan for LP GEAR®
The cartridge came with the original styli and under the scope (x100) it looked hardly used. I believed this to be a conical styli. I would prefer a elliptical instead. I did listen to the old styli and the new one I bought and I preferred the sound of the latter one. I can say I'm very happy with this purchase. I now own two Technics cartridges. The other being a Technics P22 that fits my Technics SL-QL1, and they both are fine sounding pieces of equipment. Well I hope this piece of information has been helpful. I have the highest regards for this piece of equipment.
Regards mdc

9/10 by meesterlp

I picked this up cheaply from ebay-sans oem stylus.I then ordered a Tonar .3x.7 replacement stylus from an ebay seller in Canada. I am extremely happy with the sound of this cartridge. It is smooth and balanced, not calling attention to any specific frequencies. I have it loaded as per Technics requirements in the Technics manual. It's a low output MM design, so get ready to increase the volume level. A very lovely, smooth, easy to the ear's cartridge, and a keeper.

8/10 by oleggrinyov

Very good cart

10/10 by Peter Mohler

9/10 by Dottorcrazy

good shell, in germany NOS stylus!, best sound

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