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Technics EPC-270C Reviews

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Technics EPC-270C

Technics EPC-270C

10/10 by lampio

This cartridge works wonders with my SL-D2, here in Chile there are two alternative needles, one Swiss and one Colombian needle.
The latter is of better quality and its price is quite good, since getting a Jico needle is expensive.
Its sound is warm, wide range, very dynamic.

10/10 by clau_bk

8/10 by niekos

Nice warm sound, good bass.

10/10 by blademage

Well, this is a very common pickup. You'll probably find it on lots of National turntables from the 70ies and early 80ies. It is still in production (sold as 'Tonar Diabolic', which comes with a pink stylus that is very loud - 8mV output). As fredysilva already stated, the JICO SAS Stylus fits the cartridge perfectly and brings it very, very close to the EPC205, definitely outperforming the AT12Sa, Ortofon OM30 or 2M Bronze, etc. even on a bit lighter Arms (as the SAS seems to have little higher compliance than the original). The other aftermarket styli usually are nothing special but even with a 20$ diamond, it is capable to deliver a very detailed and musical sound. I love it - so keep yours!

8/10 by alionida

Used it in stock Technics 1200. Very dynamic, bass strong, works great with this arm. It's not very musical, bet it IS a budget cart. Decent aftermarket are avaliable, cheap and good. Recommendation from me!

9/10 by hootie01

Standard fitting on an SL-D2 and works exceptionally well! Well pleased with this cart and stylus.

9/10 by Dottorcrazy

i like this sound, but only good stylus replacement and 1,5g!! no more

8/10 by Redclassichifi

A solid performer. You can pick up used examples on auction sites and decent replacement conical or elliptical styli are still freely available. I tried the Jico SAS stylus and found the sound had extra detail but became far too 'bright' for my taste.

6/10 by sagabeat

10/10 by fredysilva

Whith JICO stylus EPS 270ED, Superb (10+1)

9/10 by khonza

Very nice soft sound! But replacement stylus I used after was not so good as the original...

7/10 by moiphil80

8/10 by tubesaurus

this system was on my technics SL1900. Original stylus is expensive, but probably better than after market types.With a good stylus it sounds very good. Cheers tubesaurus

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