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Technics EPC-207C Reviews

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Technics EPC-207C

Technics EPC-207C

9/10 by Naggy

Date:28 Sept 2018. Have fitted a NOS stylus to the original 207c cartridge that came factory fitted to the Technics SLD 303 Turntable. It looks identical to the photo shown here. After 20 LP sides it is opening up nicely. I have fitted the Technics headshell weight and set the vtf at 1.75g. I use a leather mat on top of the original rubber mat.

I also listen to records with a Shure M95ed, Nagaoka MP11, MP15, and MP50.

The 207c is excellent and holds up very well with my other carts. It is part of the Technics matched set up for the SLD303 from 1981. So what you get is the synergy intended by Technics.

The sound. Well it is truly of the golden age of vinyl replay, wonderful tone, fast responsive leading edges (the Nagaoka MP 50 is faster/sharper here - but then it it cost a lot more in 1981), lovely deep interweaving of treble mid range and bass, rather meaty. Excellent soundstage and stereo seperation. Actually a lot of the excellent Nagaoka house sound but there is more depth than the Nagaoka MP11 - and that is a compliment. It plays electronic music (daft punk) fabulously well, plus acoustic guitar. It gives a beautiful sound when playing Motown. It is not quite as good as the Nagaokas when playing Portishead 180 g for some reason. The stylus are as rare now as hens teeth, but I am very happy I spent the money to get this up and running.

No brightness whatsoever or bloated bass, but an agile and meaty powerful sound that unsurprisingly seems to be a perfect fit in the overall Technics TT package. So well done those original Technics designers. A glowing retro package that sounds like it was made yesterday but with that wonderful analogue velvety tone. It gives the superb Nagaoka MP15 a hard time!

Bear in mind no one cartridge plays every LP perfectly unfortunately so I won't be retiring my excellent Nagaokas! What I like to do is buy several Technics style headshells and fit my carts, then experiment by swapping cart/headshells around, to find which carts play which LP's the best. That is part of the fun in my Hi Fi hobby. Hope this is of some use.

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