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Supex SD-900 Reviews

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Supex SD-900

Supex SD-900

10/10 by maz1957

Wonderful cartridge you can hear right into the recording slightly more neutral than a Supex 901S both well worth having if you can find in good condition.

10/10 by Wire Nut

I am kind of a 900 nut, I have had them retipped by SoundSmith with a ruby cantilever, cryo treated, nudded, potted, etc. They are the best sounding cartridge I have ever heard, the rosewood is beyond exceptional. Oh, I upgrade turntables for a living- I have been in this biz since 1977 and have heard almost everything, Dynavector Ruby 17 to the XX, Ortofon Winfield & various SPU's, Sumiko Tallisman, and I have a Grado Signature v2 said to be the best sounding cartridge ever built... I prefer my Supex 900 Rosewood to any of them! Prices are already going up- grab one while you can!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8/10 by steve195527

very nice cartridge,whish I had kept hold of mine instead of part-exing towards an Asak

10/10 by lefu_vin

I had this cart for a year then gave for a retip. soon will get it back. Bought on ebay for a 300euros . It was fitted to Jelco 12 inch/ modified LENCO L75 TT it sounded great and it is worth every penny so get one. I claim it sounds the best i ever had not sharp on treble solid on bass very open stage sound. Plays good all kinds of music but in my taste it plays Jazz the best.

5/10 by HiFiStan

I had several as I was a dealer in those far off days. I think they cost me $75 each. Wish I had kept some. Used Mission 774 and many others. Would embarrass many current cartridges. They were the predecessors of the
in some way.

10/10 by himchev

10/10 by spinnergeoff

I have the 900 IV on my Dynavector 501 as the standard fit, no need for anything else once you've heard it. Does everything well.

10/10 by paolippe

With a very small risk of error, surely the BEST MC cartridge I ever heard (and I heard a lot of them).

No possible comparation with the other SUPEX clone I've got, the Mission 773 LC which sounds plastered and flaccid.

Also comparation with Koetsu Black and Vermillin favours SUPEX 900 because it's more brilliant and correct in bass while Black has a little roll-off in high frequencies and an emphasis on middle basses that could sometimes bemire the sonic message.

It's a very energetic pick up suitable for every kind of music, although acoustical has the greater advantges (but sounds reasonably well with rock too, instead of Koetsu).

Probably Audiotechnica AT OC 10 or some Dynavector could be more detailed, but the magical, sweet and mesmeric flavour donated by the SUPEX 900 appears insuperable.

Another quality of the SUPEX is certainly the great impression of reality which permit to have really the musician in your music-room. This last peculiarity has been reported in many reviews about the SUPEX 900 and is not easy to find in other cartridges.

A great lovely classic

10/10 by ideaman

Great sound stage with the right SUT.

9/10 by Janvier

10/10 by francif

10/10 by mm54

10/10 by be.audiophil

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