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Sumiko Blue Point Reviews

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Sumiko Blue Point

Sumiko Blue Point

3/10 by markustubesnow

Although I owned and wanted to like the Blue Point, followed by the Blue Point Special, I never really enjoyed my time with it. This was mainly due to a fatiguing, metallic characteristic that affected the upper frequencies.
I was relieved when I was able to replace it with a Dynavector 10X4, which seemed much more balanced, musical, neutral and smooth in my system.

9/10 by Johnny2Bad

If you are using a P-mount tonearm turntable (Technics, mostly) there are only a handful of high quality cartridges to choose from.

Grado still offers their entire range of Moving Magnet cartridges in a P-mount version. After that you are looking at old-stock versions from Technics (very good) or some models of the Shure V-15.

The Sumiko Blue Point (No1 although that designation was never officially used, there are Blue Point No2's out there). A high output Moving Coil cartridge (which means no need for a special Moving Coil transformer or Phono Preamp; any Moving Magnet (MM) unit works fine) that brings out the best in these turntables.

One of the top three options you could choose from, and much better than the Audio-Technica models selling for under $100 these days that fit this tonearm. For a no-fuss budget system to get into vinyl, you could do much worse and pay much more to boot.

7/10 by hy-phyve

Very dynamic, balanced tonal quality, but the cartridge is hampered by the relatively clumsy size of its eliptical stylus (0.3 x 0.7 mil) which leads to noticeable inner grove distortion and sibilance distortion. Would be a real champion with a shibata or line-contact stylus.

9/10 by yeoldestereo

A further evolution of the Bluepoint. Very highly recommended in a high output MC.

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