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Cartridge Reviews: 2014

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Sumiko Blackbird Reviews

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Sumiko Blackbird

Sumiko Blackbird

10/10 by hobie1dog

I was introduced to the cartridge by my friend who has a monster system. Bass that is powerful and tight ( Frederick Fennell-Trittico ) orchestral bass drum wallop are chest slamming. We compared 6 cartridges and this tops them all. Very low surface noise too. I ended up buying one after the listening session.

10/10 by kpayton

Could not agree more. After the mandatory break-in period I was blown away. For kicks I pulled out the CBS Half Speed Mastered of Oldfield’s ‘Tubular Bells” which I purchased new when it was first released. Played it a couple of times and thought it was totally defective. Too lazy to return it so it sat in my collection for years untouched. My rig than was an Oracle Delphi Mk II/Sumiko MMT arm/BP cartridge. Two months ago replaced the BP with the Blackbird. To my astonishment the Blackbird tracked it perfectly-no issues with the pressing at all-some may find it too bright. It has become my “Bells” of choice.
I am also please how quite my rather large collection of RCA Shaded Dogs have become.

10/10 by RTM

My personal reference standard. Setup isn't for the faint of heart. But once it's installed and setup, it reveals what vinyl is REALLY capable of in the best sense of the term. Silent black backgrounds and Bass that runs into the Single Digits. It tracks the Telarc 1812 and doesn't even blink. Ditto the Kojian RR Symphonie Fantastique. Inner string detail is the best I've ever heard and it reproduces Brass with the body and weight that they're famous for in reality. They're pricey, but once you get one you never look back. Highly recommended.

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