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Stanton 680 Reviews

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Stanton 680

Stanton 680

9/10 by ChefER

I don't have much experience with high end cartridges. I do have experiences with some cartridges used for DJing. I play jungle, hardcore techno, gabber, bluegrass, death metal, classical, and jazz. The 680 tracks and plays great. It can handle the deep sub bass to an extent. Then it sounds a bit distorted at such low frequencies. When tracking between songs it's dead silent. Overal sound profile is smooth, welcoming, non abrasive, not bright, easy on the ears, and portioned.
Sounds just as good when playing records backwards.
White stylus is stubby. Blue stylus is MK2.

9/10 by lazermydog

I agree with jskunz. It takes some time to align correctly but it is worth the work. Matches up well in my system with Vincent Audio phono preamp.

10/10 by jskunz

If you take a little time using two small metric scales and a strong lighted magnifier to see if the overhang and angle adjustments are accurate, and a test record to check anti-skate and tracking force, then you'll have one awesome sounding cartridge. When I tried using a brand new after market stylus, it doesn't seem to track quite as well as the Stanton original stylus when listening to bass drums. But of course I haven't yet broke-in this stylus. At 1.25 grams tracking force, you may need to increase effective mass of the tonearm just a little bit.

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