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Signet TK 7 Reviews

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Signet TK 7

Signet TK 7

10/10 by 66electraglide

Just recently obtained a near NOS TK7E w/TKN2 stylus. Tracks like a bullet train at 1 gram on a SAEC 407/23. Deck is Micro DQX1000. Sound is awesome!

10/10 by dmiller303

After many years of storage, I recently unpacked my turntable and Signet TK7-Lca cartridge. Still sounded as sweet and clear as the day I bought it back in the mid-80s. Solid bass, crystal clear high end, solid imaging. I had the stylus inspected, and it is about half-way through its life, so I am looking forward to enjoying this little gem for many more hours. Hope the AT-155 LC is a worthy successor to the original stylus--and that it really is compatible with the TK7-Lca body. If not, I guess it will be time to see what 21st century phono cartridge suppliers have to offer!

10/10 by dlcockrum

This is a fantastic cartridge! Much better inner detail and bass definition than my ADC XLM II Improved cartridge on my Thorens TD-147 with Thorens TP16 MkIII arm. Sound rivals the Sonus Blue Gold on my Luxman 121U/Infinity Black Widow rig. Tracks like glue at 1 gram. Highly recommended if you can find one. OEM replacement stylii are unobtainable, but LP Gear makes a Vivid line replacement and it is said that OEM stylus for the Audio Technica AT-155LC work well. I have not tried either personally, but have high hopes.

9/10 by clouzot

My new favorite match with a new Akai RS-180, sound is so clear , defined, clean.

8/10 by Ronsonic

8/10 by Bill L

I took my BIC 960 (inexpensive) to the audio store and said I want to try the Signet TK7SU. They were just as blown away as I was. Sounded better than anything I had used previously. The BIC didn't last long unfortunately.

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