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Shure V15 Reviews

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Shure V15

Shure V15

10/10 by beedub

I have gone to great lengths to align my V15 mkIV as perfectly as possible, even calculating and drawing out big scale for .5 degree tilt on the stylus, then designing and fabricating by 3d printer a spacer for the tt to make it near perfect parallel as well. Record thickness was a consideration at this degree of obsessiveness. The sound is awesomely good to my ears, better to me than anything else. First I put in a so-so Ok stylus, then ordered a much better $$$ one from Jico. Wow. then i had to build a custom vacuum record cleaner and get soaps from a conservation supply company after talking with the head audio conservator in Canada.
Why? because now the DUST, not dirt was audible. after careful intense cleaning the sound is all I want. Awesome. (Technics, Rotel, Bryston, Focal)
I tried a M97XE with a Jico also; very close in sound quality.

9/10 by cockey

Shure V15 III nothing more to add other than it's the warmest wall of sound you will ever hear!

8/10 by paulrenea

I bought my RS V-15 back in 1982. I paid $40.00 plus tax as I recall. It was on sale at half price. I ended-up shelving it for many years. Eventually bought a nice used Technics SL-D1 turntable which ended-up getting the RS V-15 cartridge. This cartridge may not be equal to the Shure V-15 Type 3, but it's close.

9/10 by wolfie62

For those asking about the V15-RS: NO!

This cartridge is NOT Radio Shack's version of the V15V! The RS version came out in 1997, the same year as the V15VxMR. The RS is only different in that it has a plastic mount instead of a cast aluminum headshell mount, and the stylus is an elliptical and not Micro Ridge (MR). Like the xMR, the RS has a tapering down treble response. GONE is the ruler flat frequency response of the V15 IV and V! The RS is more akin to the M97xE than the V15V; both of the former have that tapered down treble response that is down about 5-6 dB at 8 kHz.

So, if you like the V15VxMR, you will like the RS version. If you want ruler-flat response and extreme detail retrieval 20 Hz - 20 kHz, then stay away from these carts. The V15 IV and V are your cartridges!

10/10 by careyboy01

There are still styli available,even NOS ones, but the Jico SAS really lets you hear what this amazing cartridge can do.I found some guy in Germany (Ebay) that makes wooden bodies for many cart.s. I installed the cartridge(V-15 type 3)into one,and coupled with the SAS this cartridge can go toe to toe with ones costing 5 times as much! You just have to be very careful about extricating the cartridge out of the plastic,but its worth the effort. I have some other more expensive carts. but this old baby is still my hero!

10/10 by lenjack

type v-mr. Nothing better then, or now.

10/10 by argibbo

Use the Jico neoSAS. It is sublime and completely transforms the old V15 into a gem. My listening pleasure has been transformed. 5/10 with a regualr stylus. 10/10 with the neoSAS. That's the difference. (I have both stylii, brand new. Direct comparison.)

10/10 by abclar

Iv'e used my Shure V15 Type IV for over 30 years, on and off. Before that I had a V15 III. But it's only recently that I have reminded myself of what a great cartridge the IV and the III are.

Like many people my age, I had become a little lazy in my listening habits, preferring the convenience of CDs and desktop burned versions of my favourite albums with just the tracks I liked. That all changed when I recently replaced my beloved Quad 405 amp with a Cyrus ONE amplifier and wanted to see how well they did a phono preamp (I have an Amcron preamp built into my turntable as the Quad 33 Control Unit had a hopeless RIAA preamp).

Not only was the Cyrus phono preamp stage a good match for what I had been using, but the quality of the Cyrus ONE overall had me falling in love with my V15 Type IV and my Tannoy HPD385 Gold Monitors all over again. There's a simple reason for that, I used to work in music recording in the 70s and the very reason I chose a Shure cartridge in the first place was that, more than any other at the time, they provided the closest reproduction of the master tape of the test pressings we would need to test.

I agree with other reviewers here who suggest that these cartridges may not be in favour in today's market where listeners want a little more that the Shure V 15 range can provide. But the point is, if that means more than what's on your vinyl, then forget your modern high end reference amps and just use an old one that has some tone controls. At least that way you will have the option of hearing what was recorded if you decide change your mind about what's important in a cartridge.

10/10 by DSJR

Hell, I'm going to give all of 'em 10/10, although the various generations have good and less good points to them... Starting with the T2, this one seems to have high compliance with little damping, needing a very low mass arm for best stability (mine has a new-original VN15E stylus). As with many 'MM' types of this mid to late 60's era, high frequencies droop alarmingly and to minimise this, the loading should be 400pF or so. You don't hear this as a lack of top especially, but more as a beefy bass and articulate midrange. It's a bit dated but still worthy and the infamous M75-ED was based on it I believe. The V15 III is a classic now and featured a properly flat response when loaded correctly. I do find the original elliptical model rather intense and hard-toned sometimes, almost relentless BUT, the later VN35HE stylus almost completely removes this, I don't know why. The HE updates this model significantly I found and I wish I'd squirrelled one of these styli away at the time. I'm sure the MR stylus is at least the same, but I don't think any made their way to the UK before Shure discontinued them. The V15 IV (HE) is an odd-ball. Derided by UK reviewers at the time, and totally lacking the added 'halo' provided by many late 70's exalted MC types, the IV sounds small and bland until you start listening to master recordings and the vinyl made from them. All of a sudden, the IV starts to make sense as it's all there, just in a rather shrunken package. I dug mine out recently to give it a play and was very pleasantly surprised how truthful it basically is, so there! The V15 V seemed to 'communicate' better though and the MR sealed it for me. I used mine in a Dual 701 and the complete package was involving and never got in the way, although perhaps the added 'drama' of a top flight turntable system was missing. A good few years ago, I took the cartridge carrier off the deck and placed it upside down in storage to try something else and sadly the fragile cantilever was swiped and broken. I'm still debating whether to invest in a Jico SAS type for it... I don't know the XMR so well, but if it's anything like the slightly warmer toned VST-V and 97XE models, it well deserves the praise it garnered at the time.
I think most of the V15 range is excellent if you know the basic 'flavour' of master tape playback. Most audiophiles don't and seem to want more from vinyl than is really there. I feel many Top End cartridges can sound rather ott, but maybe that's what's needed to make this medium convincing. Shures don't do that and they were sidelined by many. I myself remain an ADC fan, accepting the sound from these is a bit too 'nice' in this digital era...

9/10 by champco

Original cartridge came on my Dual 601. Great low/mid entry turntable which is elevated to audiophil with this cartridge. Emerson Lake & Palmer's Take a Pebble From the Tarkus album, tests the amazing quiet tracking as well as extreme frequency range, room filling, symphony rock of the day. A different cartridge played later on the same system dissapointed in clarity noticeably.

10/10 by dmorfois

If there is one single MM cart proving that a MM can by all ways beat most of costly MC cartridges, vintage or new, it's the Shure V15 III. I have used it with a lot of different styly. Even with the basic stylus, it delivers an impeccable neutral, dynamic, precise, balanced sound from bass to trebble. If you want to reveal the hidden potential of the Shure V III, get rid of the ugly plastic body, insert it into a wooden body, and equipp it with one of the SAS styly. Any will be a plus. I just decided to upgrade to their top model, the neo SAS Ruby stylus. Expensive but absolutely stunning !

10/10 by dh390

@ Jimbuy from the documentation I have been able to find from Shure they say the V15 Type RS (V15RS) is Radio Shack's version of Shure's V15 V. Also shows the following replacement stylus info '' VNSE3HE Hyperelliptical (0.2 x 0.15 mils)1.25 to 1.75 grams M97xE (0.2 x 0.7 mils) (Tracking Force: 0.75 to 1.5 grams) VN5MR (0.15 x 3.0 mils) ''. This info was from the '' Shure - Discontinued Phono Cartridge and Stylus Cross Reference Chart ''. Don't know how accurate it is. Hope this helps.

As for the V15RS, it is an excellent performing & sounding cart. I was lucky enough to have gotten one new on 1/2 off closeout sale. I still have it with it's original stylus & has very very little usage. I ended up with a second new one for free that needed some repair & a new stylus (and still does). Will one day make the repairs & get a replacement stylus for the 2nd V15RS.

With this cart/stylus I have no need or want to try another cart/stylus setup.

9/10 by Jimbuy

I now have 2 V15 RS bodies and various styli. (they use the X, extra wide shanks) They sound very good, could use a teeny bit more bass IMHO. Compare favorably with my MC on both a Linn Basik/LVX and Oracle Alex MkII/Sumiko Premier MMT. I've been trying to figure out if the RS is a V15 V (probably not but I am using a VN5xMR SAS), a V 15 Pro-S, an Ultra VST III, or (shudder) an M111. Still trying

10/10 by kerryp57

Have a Infinity Black Widow w/Shure(V15-VMR) mounted on a Technics SP10 Mk11. Great combination!!

10/10 by laraine_b

I used this cartridge in my Luxman PD131 (and that should have been rated 10 out of 10 but I forgot to change the default). I also used it in a previous turntable and when I bought the Luxman I saw—or should that be heard?—no reason to change.

9/10 by youngf

This cart cost me a week's salary back in 1973. I still have the original wooden box it came in as well. It has been in and out of dozens of different headshell/turntable setups and still looks and sounds like new. It is presently in a Technics SL Q2, and the large chrome body instantly attracts attention. I track mine right at 1.25g which is where it seems to sound best. I'm using a Jico stylus. My only knock on this cart is it's relatively low output of 3.5 mV. I always felt it could use a tad more punch, hence the 9 out of 10.

10/10 by plaka_king

Finally, I am now enjoying analog music the same way people did back then. Got my Shure V15 Type III, with original stylus, mounted on a Supex (japan) lightweight headshell for just around $100. The sound was really clean and crisp, frequency response is flat. Instruments really goes out to their respective speaker channel. Vocals, center. Soundstage is impressive. And yes, you will hear intricate details with the V15 Type III. Am now curious how the Jico SAS version can pull off more details. Also, the ever annoying inner groove distortion and sibilance, GONE! Been thru other MM carts like Ortofon 2M Red and AT95E, but went back to Shure. Before the V15, I was already using another Shure which is the M91ED. Another great cart, but the V15 is better having bigger soundstage and lesser distortion. The M91ED is warmer though. I mounted my V15 on my Technics SL-1200 Mk2's stock arm and headshell assembly. Transferred my M91ED on the Supex headshell.

8/10 by Arnoldlayne04

Stood test of time for me still working hard after 35 years. Great match for SME 3009 tonearm, but I accept there will be better cartridges out there....quite happy to keep using this Shure V15 type 3 for now!

8/10 by Gblaquiere

great cartridge. Back in the day it was the affordable go to cartridge. I think I still have mine somewhere. I wonder if you can still get a stylus for them??

10/10 by Peter4103

Best Cartridge out there! I am using the mk3 version andam really impressed. I had a handmade Swiss Benz cartridge before, which is in a completely different range (retails at 7000 euro), but the Shure V15 comes very close. Its a keeper for sure!

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