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Shure Ultra 400 Reviews

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Shure Ultra 400

Shure Ultra 400

9/10 by bartovsky

Regularly amazing sounding, fullbodied, very spacious (width and depth) sounding cartridge. No harshness. Natural fluid slightly dry (due to the focussed bass tones) character Mounted on a SME 3009 II arm on a Thorens TD-125 MkI. I have and used for many years the Shure V-15 series (the MkII, IV, V in hyper ellliptical and micro-ridge), but have the impression this Ultra 400 is another step in better performance. Probably one of the best vintage MM carts around. Hard to find though...not sold a lot I guess. I was very lucky find a n.o.s. one years ago. Now I am only wondering how the Ultra 500 would sound like... This one very recommended. Set-up must be done with high precision otherwise it will sound of what it is capable of. Likes an exactly horizontal arm.

9/10 by vernon30515

It's a stellar cartridge. Have had it for a number of years. I swap back and forth to an ADC XLM imp. If I never get another cart besides this, I'd have no issues. Brings everything out of the grooves. Mid range is strong. High end slightly rolled off, but not distressingly so. bottom end is tight, not overpowering at all. Will show any faults with your system, so be aware.

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