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Cartridge Reviews: 2014

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Shure SC-35 Reviews

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Shure SC-35

Shure SC-35

10/10 by Naggy

The early versions were of course made in USA, this is the design that had 0.6 spherical needle and white SHURE lettering/BLUE background. Mine is as the photo here, Stylus has 0.6 needle with SHURE in white on light blue background. Year is 1989 and states Made in Mexico near the pins. I believe later in 1989 the old sc35c morphed into a different beast with a 0.7 needle - I don't know why.

I have only heard mine. The cart/headshell VTA must be level the instructions say. I track at 3.25 g in an SME 3009 2 Imp.

Soundwise it sparkles, amazing actually for a lowly spherical solid needle - or is it that amazing? The typical marketing of higher more sophisticated and expensive carts over the years means I have assumed without challenging this perceived wisdom....that sphrical/conical shapes are cheap and must be left behind as we strive for the more expensive carts. We follow the crowd...but more and more now I trust my ears to guide me. Not expectations based on marketing. The music with the SC35C is beautifully analogue - it kind of sparkles, with liquidity of instrument playing. Great midband. Very confident cart this one hence its use for radio broadcasts. Little if any surface noise too. I can agree with other reviews here. I give a score of ten as the sound is up there in my range of far more expensive carts.

9/10 by riata

I put a 9 because it looks ugly.
I was used to use it with a sl1200mk2 arm and it was sonically ok but not more. the highs were artificial and the low was a bit squeezed. Actually, this cartridge as a very low compliance and the technics tonearm is fairly light. I guess it was resulting in a massive non-obviously detectable misstracking. Since I added a lot of weight on the headshell (+16g to the stock technics headshell) and a big auxiliary counterweight (40.5g) the sound is really nice and the broadcast origins of the cart seems obvious.
full bass, flat response, very low background noise and a gentle roll-off above 15Khz, Wonderfull tracking.
both old nude (white letters) and new bounded (black letters) needles sound pretty much the same.
VERY pleasant cart for VERY little money. This is the kind of product I expect never be discontinuous.

10/10 by mhainz

I run this cartridge on my Technics SLD2 with the N35X stylus at just over 2grams and it just brings my older jazz LPs to life. Very musical with a rich bottom end without being at all boomy. Factor in the low price and this cartridge is an absolute sleeper!

8/10 by joydavid25

I use this cartridge on Garrard Zero 91 and set tracking force at 3.0g and the sound was very musical and delight. Bass was full body and voice attractive, midrange also very good although the highs didn't extended (a little bit roll off from 15K Hz)
This frequency characters give you a more nature
listening experience at less surface noise.
Cheap price but worth every penny, some times more
suitabe for old and not very good records than most
MC cartridge.
Conical stylus is more suitable than elliptical or shibata in this case

10/10 by funkwrench

Do not think of this as strictly a DJ cartridge. I have found it extremely useful - and very musical - when used with old records. If your record collecting is content-driven and you listen to less than optimum vinyl, then this cartridge should be as much a part of your toolbox as your record cleaning machine. Don't be put off by the high tracking weight. The large conical stylus tracks at a much lighter force per sq MM than you think. Also the conical stylus is much more forgiving with regard to null points and tracking angles. It is a pretty cheap experiment. For me, results have been good. Thanks to (JE2a3) Joseph Esmilla - a source of so much good information - for recommending this cartridge.

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