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Shure M-97 Reviews

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Shure M-97

Shure M-97

7/10 by VinylTune

Today is 12/14/2019. I am reviewing this Shure M97 cartridge using a Shure N97HE hyper elliptical stylus from my ME97HE encore cartridge. The sound characteristics can be found by reading my full review of the Shure ME97HE with the exception that in comparison to the ME97HE, this ME97 has a lower output level and seems to be more flat sounding compared to the mid-focused sound signature of the ME97HE cartridge. Don't get me wrong the ME97 is no slouch in performance, but there are some differences between all of the cartridges I compared these to if you read my review of the ME97HE.

My opinion is that the M97 is also a very good sub-$100 cartridge, even with the hyper elliptical stylus. But in all honesty, I could not really notice any significant difference between the hyper elliptical stylus, and the plain elliptical stylus of all other cartridges I compared this to. So if you can only find the M97 cartridge, you should be fine with just the N97E elliptical stylus. However, Jico makes a SAS stylus which is supposed to be like a microLine stylus, a line contact type of stylus basically. That might make a significant difference, I can't tell you as I do not have a SAS stylus to test at the moment.

9/10 by Colin Shurety

I have recently equipped my Sansui SR-525 with a Shure M97EX cartridge and am quietly amazed at the change it has bought to my listening experience. The depth and clarity of the human voice was stunning, the bass tight and secure without becoming boomy, but the icing on the cake was the smooth treble, no more sibilance or high hats rattling around. The Sansui SR 525 & Shure M97EX are a delightful partnership surprise. I, for one, am sad that Shure will no-longer be manufacturing these wonderful cartridges.

9/10 by lenjack

m97Xe Replaces my broken v15 v-mr. Absolutely amazed at how great this is. A little treble boost to fix the hi end rolloff. No, it doesn't equal my v15, but it's amazingly close, and tracks the original stamping of the Telarc 1812, at 1.25g, perfectly.

9/10 by Bencart

The best sound nearly rea.....l sound produced from 1.real cartidge height =89/128~17.66 mm.2.cartridge body align at the balance line of the headshell - the cartridge that i have defect of cartridge wings not centered (left side bias) so i diy it by my drill instrument 3. Over hang depend on the spec of tone arm (mine =rega ,i choose Lofgren B) 4. Tracking force=1.25 g. with out dynamic stabilizer ......wait for mature sound about 20 hours sound ever before ,not warm side ,ultimate all frequencies ...thanks SHURE !

10/10 by DSJR

At the time of writing, a fantastic value good all round cartridge. Loaded as normal for many decks and amps, the sound is warmer, but increase the capacitance a bit and it livens up a little. With its immediate competition increasing in price now (the AT120E replacement has increased massively in price), it's a bargain in my opinion!
P.S. The SAS style styli definitely change the measured and subjective performance of this model. The choice is yours ;)

7/10 by bauzace50

In year 2017 this cartridge has failed before one year's service. Incapacitating hum. No signal. Catastrophic failure. Typical sound satisfactory with treble rolloff. The failure caused by removing stylus for new replacement. Upon inserting the new one: catastrophy. Poor quality control. Poor reliability.

9/10 by klm1269

I really enjoyed the M97xe with the stock stylus. Then I upgraded to a Jico Shibata stylus. WOW! What an upgrade. This now performs in a whole new league. I also have an Ortofon Super OM with a Jico Shibata on it. The Shure is a tad bit warmer at the high end with a touch more bass. If you already have this cartridge and want an upgrade, get the Jico Shibata. You won't regret it.

10/10 by drywhitetoast

Love the warm sound and it tracks very well.

9/10 by asu zoa

8/10 by shawnwes

Let it play for many hours. Which is more than 50 records. Than judge the sound of it.
Prepare for an amazing sound. Best cartridge for the money, it will outperform a lot of high rated stupid cartridges out there.

...what he said...punches well above it's price class...but don't tell Shure that!

7/10 by Thumpin_Turtle

This has to be the ultimate recreation of a classic 70's-80's cartridge we can purchase today. It is very warm as some have said and that I feel is given to the fact it tends to roll off early in the high frequency range. There is nothing harsh about this cartridge. It is like a heated blanket and stiff drink on a cold winters day. Comfortable and inviting. However I cannot recommend it over the Ortofon 2M red that for near the identical street price delivers the same warmth with an added benefit of being handed desert in the form of clear highs.

It does for those of us with low mass tonearms in the collection give the option of a high compliance cartridge at an affordable price. The Ortofon is closer to medium compliance and better suited to arms from Pioneer and Technics.

10/10 by prabie

I don't think you can buy anything better in this price range. Can you get better cartridges? Of course yes, but at the expense of paying at least triple the price and changing to moving coil technology. This an excellent mm cartridge that will get you 99.9% of the music in your vinyl. If you think that MP3 and music stored in digital devices as phones and PCs sounds good, then you don't need anything else. This cartridge largely outperforms these sources.

8/10 by fernnunes

9/10 by helomech

I've owned the Ortofon 2M red, a Sumiko Pearl, an AT95E, and the Shure m97xe. The Shure is the only one of those cartridges I still own. It's a great bargain.

10/10 by TimeActor

Oh what a wonderfull cart! Before i purchased it i was reading a Lot of comments in many forums like this. I use it with my old but in very good condition Technics SL-1410 MK2. I would like to say thank you for the very good technics arc was Fun to work with! My preamp with a very good sounding phono stage is the Technics SU 9070. I load the Shure with 47k and capacitance at 270pf. The shure is at \burn in\ but yet it Sounds very creamy completely without sharpness to me. Superb Sounding and very cheap Cartridge! Also i would like to sy that my styli have no quality problems like not good aligned cantilever and other problems such like this. Thanks for Reading and sorry for my poor english! Cheers Martin

8/10 by levman0545

I have read hundreds of cartridge reviews before I decided to try the Shure M97 XE model that is still being sold brand new on Amazon.

Well it was also sold a t a 60% discount and came in a great all aluminum case with all the needed hardware for mounting it to the standard 1/2\ mount.

It has great soundstage, and a fantastic frequency range that\'s very clean. Now that and the nice anti static brush that optional to use makes this cartridge very hard to beat for the money.

I gave it a solid 8 out of 10. I also had zero trouble setting it up as a few others have stated.

I guess I have small hands and working as a computer tech all these years has me used to handling small items. I even replaced the cheap aluminum wires running from my head shell to the cartridge with a very nice set of gold plated copper wire, color coded wires.

Now these were a bit tricky to mount but by using a surgical instrument that my wife gave me years ago, it was very simple to crimp the new wires and slide them on both the head shells pins and the Shure M-97 XE\'s gold plated pins.

I just love this this cartridge and so does my best friend and a girl friend of mine (I mean a true friend)My bud James is a guitarist and loves my all analog setup. He also loves the sound of good vinyl with a good cartridge. His unbiased opinion about the Shure was just that, an unbiased opinion.

If he didn\'t like the sound it produced he would have told me on the spot. So I bought it, I thought it sounded very good, and my best friend also gave it a big thumbs up!

I use mine on a Pioneer PL-7 that is in mint condition on a mint condition Carver C-1 control preamp that just sounds fantastic and uncolored. I love the fact that with this Shure cartridge I don\'t need to adjust the tone controls on my C-1 at all. With CDs on the Aux 1 and 2 ports the highs are pronounced and need to be attenuated back. However, with the Shure M97 XE playing any vinyl the highs are just great without any over bearing harsh female vocals or Sax and Trumpets sound exactly as they were intended to sound!

I love this cartridge. I realize there are better ones out there. But with the table I\'m using this is more than good enough and at it\'s price point on Amazon I don\'t think it can be beat!

7/10 by Kajtsu

My first better cartridge which I bought in year 1982 and I still own. Good performer but not as good as V15.

9/10 by tomh

This cartridge is very well made with a die cast body, an excellent stylus, and a great set of instructions packaging and installation aids. The capacitance loading is critical or the cartridge will have a downward tilted but flat flat response creating a very smooth but uninspiring top end. With the right loading, the cartridge is very neutral, open and musical and at a superb price. One could argue that great engineering is demonstrated when a great product is designed and built at a practical price point. Price no object designs are perhaps a bit easier to create. Highly recommended.

7/10 by adlpc

At $45 it is excellent value for money. Must let it break-in (as in all cartridges min. 40 hours). Nowhere near the V15V-MR. Good all rounder and tracks quite well. Any higher price and there are far better cartridges out there.

9/10 by senso

very good at this price, for all sort of music
good with many turntable (rega, dual, technics sl1200=

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