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Shure M-95 Reviews

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Shure M-95

Shure M-95

10/10 by platter123

Shure M95HE with original N95HE. Supremely nice sound overall. Thought I better rave about this one before the needle is worn and I am searching to replace with like. Performs great on Thorens TD165.

10/10 by plaka_king

There's something with Shure that keeps me fascinated with their carts, especially the higher end vintage carts like the V15 type III. Comparing with the V15 Type III, the M95HE with the original shure HE stylus that I just recently acquired for a reasonable price has a better bass response. It's like having a V15 but with a significantly more pronounced lower end. Meaning, the spacious sound stage is still there, clean sound but with a warmer, bassy response. IGD is also hardly noticeable. Volume level on every last track remains unchanged. Although, most likely the V15 may improve more on its sound in a lighter arm. Before the V15 type III and now the M95HE, both were mounted on my Technics 1200mk2 but it appears that the M95HE is more compatible with the stock arm of the 1200, at least this comparison is only for these two. I like also the blue accent on the M95HE version. I've done already reviews here at VE for other carts like the AT95E and Ortofon 2M Red that I had and sold them eventually. I liked them before, but as I get to listen to these Shures, It gives me an impression that there's more beyond the typical capabilities of a MM cart. I guess the hyper-elliptical nude tip made the cart to perform very near or even at par with my V15 Type III together with an improved bass response.

10/10 by Naggy

A cartridge for all seasons. This is immediately below the legendary superb v15. Bi radial nude diamond. Technics sl150 and sme3009 2 improved. Gives a musically clear, atmospheric sound with dynamism and real presence. It's 41 years old. Suspension holds perfectly as far as I can see. Great transparency and air around acoustic guitars, bells, flute etc. Original needle as far as I know. Very natural sound everybody who hears it loves the sound.6 Nov 2017

10/10 by tubesaurus

Dual Model: M95 G-LM with DN362 needle, Dual click system for Dual TK.
I use this on a Dual 1219, it performs very well with an old original DN362 needle.
I have no intent to replace it.

8/10 by ipapb

Nice cart and incredible value for money with a good stylus.

9/10 by cscottrun4it

I find this cart to be excellent for a 2nd-tier cartridge (behind the V15 III & IV). Using the Jico HE stylus, the cart has a good soundstage (could be broader), nice depth of stage (things could be clearer down stage), excellent tonal ballance, and nice action. Users should be careful to make sure the azimuth is right on, as the channel balance is sensitive to this setting.

9/10 by Demort71

For many people, the M95ED will be a 10. There are better cartridges out there, but for the money these sell for, they develop a great sound stage. Tones are very nicely defined and there is an excellent bass. This is not a cartridge to be dismissed lightly, even though it is a vintage model. I have had numerous models and brands of vintage cartridges and this ranks right up there with the best in the $100-$125 price range. I have had them with the original Shure needles and aftermarket needles. The aftermarket needle works fine, though the Shure needles do the cartridge the most justice. This delivers sound reproduction comparable to the M91ED and Stanton 680-681 and Ortofon models made in the same time frame. It is nothing to sneeze at and will make the average vinyl lover happy. While most operate just fine, I have had one or two with uneven output. I would buy this over the modern Shure M97XE cartridge and I think it is as good as the Ortofon Red, if not better.

9/10 by CliveUK

In my experience, the Shure M95ED produces a well-balanced, open and dynamic sound. It has a lively, crisp treble which is relatively refined and rarely offensive. This is balanced by a well-extended bass which is delivered with considerable punch and weight when needed, and is sufficiently tight and controlled to easily follow bass-lines. The most important quality of this cartridge for me is its dynamic and exciting sound which I find very involving, drawing me into the music. However, beware that the cartridge loses these qualities with some aftermarket replacement styli. Genuine Shure styli are hard to find, but some people are very happy with the Jico replacements. This is one of my favourite cartridges, and I think it will do justice to virtually any type of music and system.

7/10 by dcgibson55

I bought this with my first audio system. It was mounted on a Pioneer PL-12D. The rest of the system was a Pioneer SX-939 receiver and EPI 110 speakers (the same drivers as the 100 in a bigger box). I liked the system sound quality then but would probably cringe if I had to listen to it now. The EPI's still sound great. I will never get rid of them. A blast from the past.

10/10 by arturoaf

7/10 by REW

Bought one in the mid 70's as an upgrade from a Shure M75ED type 2. Found this tracked at least as well (very well at 1.5gm in a middle weight and quality arm like a Thorens TP16) but a little less exciting, with a more neutral presentation - without the strong bass and mid range involvement that makes rock such fun. Still have the 75 but not the 95.

6/10 by desertdog

this came inbetween M75ED and V15 III good but needs low mass arm to sound at its best. SME 3009 IMPROVED is a ideal platform.

8/10 by moiphil80

good cartridge for a mid randge model
Sound clear and well balanced

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