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Shure M-91 Reviews

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Shure M-91

Shure M-91

8/10 by VinylTune

I own this M91ED cartridge with the Hi-Track (.3x.7) mil elliptical stylus. I will compare sound characteristic against Audio Technica AT-100E with the factory ATN100E elliptical stylus. The Shure tends to produce details in instrumentation slightly more better than the AT cartridge, but the AT can produce more sounds in the highest frequency range where the Shure lags a bit behind. The Shure produces low end bass with more depth and detail than the AT cartridge. Although I feel that the channel separation lags behind the AT cartridge and is noticible. It is not horrible, but I do gain a sense of a wider soundstage using the AT cartridge than I do the Shure. The Shure does reproduce sounds with a neautral sound signature in comparison to the slightly V-tapered signature of the AT where it tends to roll off somewhere around the 800hz-2000hz range. Overall, I love this vintage Shure cartridge. It tracks very well and can play on slightly warped records. I have a YouTube channel called VinylTune, which you can find recordings of this cartridge in action.

8/10 by Demort71

I am listening to a Shure M91ED cartridge with a brand new EVG brand replacement needle with 2 hours on it. Auditioning equipment includes a Technics SL-Q2 turntable, Sony STR6800SD receiver and Mission 737 Renaissance speakers. I have owned and sold dozens of the M91ED carts with turntables and by themselves. I am a fan of vintage Shure cartridges from the mid 1970s and up. You can't go wrong with any of their older models. I own many other brands and models of cartridges from this period, including Shure, Stanton, Pickering, AT, Empire, Grado, ADC, etc. I could try and describe how this cart sounds, but it depends on other factors too-right? Receiver, speakers, table, room acoustics, recording & engineering quality of the album being played, etc. Suffice it to say that this is easily worth $75-$100 in today's market with a good functioning needle. Don't be afraid of the original Shure High Track needles as they play great too. What I hear from this cart is that it has nicely defined tones throughout the range. It doesn't have as much bass as some other Shure carts or other brands, but it is nicely balanced throughout. If I could have only one cartridge and it had to be modestly priced under $100, this would be one that I would put in the running. It was and is a quality cartridge. Nothing to fear in my opinion! It's a great utilitarian cartridge.

6/10 by jdubbie

I am currently listening to the Shure M91ED cartridge with a Jico .003 x .007 elliptical stylus and a Dual 1019 turntable. The sound is immediately exciting. It has good volume output. The record I enjoy using for testing is Michel Chapuis playing Bach's organ works on Telefunken. (My frame-of-reference cartridge is the Audio Technica AT-150MLX, which I have currently installed on a modified AR-XA turntable with Grace 747 tonearm.) The M91ED with Jico is not quite so refined as the AT-150MLX: highs are not quite as sweet, some frequencies are a little hot, and while bass and midrange sound better to me than with other Shure cartridges like the M97xE and even the V15xVR, there is not quite the balance that most AT cartridges provide. Treble is more forward. The impression I have with the M91ED and Jico is of hearing the organ from where the organist sits. One could do worse. But with the AT cartridges I listen to there is a greater sense of air and room in which the music blooms. Nevertheless, I cannot imagine anyone thinking the sound is bad. It is beautiful. It's just that I've heard this record sound more beautiful. The volume output is excellent for an idler turntable like the Dual 1019, and because styli are available for playing 78s with this cartridge, I will probably use this cartridge regularly with this turntable in order to have the option of using it to play the handful of 78s I own. Also, careful attention to setup of the cartridge to assure the optimum vertical-tracking angle is important. Dual made a slanted shim that helps with this and it makes a big difference in achieving greater depth to the sound image and to taming some of the agressiveness of the highs. One thing that I don't like about this cartridge is that the stylus has a gap of about .5mm between the top of the stylus and the corresponding edge of the cartridge. Essentially, the cantilever tube holds the stylus intact. One can't blame this on Jico because I have a Shure OEM stylus for 78s with the same form factor and there is also this gap. I don't understand the thinking on this. In any case, I would give this cartridge and stylus combination three stars where my reference cartridge would be four stars. (I'm conservative about ratings, so take it with a grain of salt!

7/10 by crispygyoza

Paint on my M91E was bubbled, so I polished it down to the sparkly metal - huge improvement. Performance is surprisingly good, and the simple mounting bracket is ideal. A very competitive cartridge - plays well with anything.

9/10 by djohnfot

The M91E is not the best cartridge by any means. It may, however, be the best value of its era and is still capable of besting many newer and more costly cartridges. This has that classic Shure sound - a tad warm but highly detailed sound with excellent tracking ability. It's not the best at anything but has no vices to speak of and that, my friend, is value.

Be careful when ordering a replacement stylus. They are plentiful and not expensive but some are rather mediocre compared to the OE, which is hard to find these days. There are some very too to excellent ones out there, too. I've found the JICO and EVG brands to be best, and I've heard the JICO SAS model is outstanding and reasonably priced.

7/10 by James22-23

This was pretty much the standard in its day (early-to-mid-70's). Good value for the money. Excellent tracking ability. Sounds like a Shure though--which can be good or bad, depending on your preferences.

7/10 by jnjansen

This is an awesome cartridge for the money. I feel I cannot review this product accurately since I am using an after market stylus that has a .0003 x .0007 elliptical diamond tip compared to the .0002 x .0007 of the original. Some have claimed that the newer replacement styli do not provide as much detail. I have listened to this cartridge on both a Thorens TD-150 mkii and a Technics SL-1200 mkii, and it works with both quite well. I do find it to be a bit more exaggerated in the bass, as compared to my AT 120E/T, which sounds pretty close to the Shure in all other respects. On some recordings with muddy bass it can be a little bit of an annoyance, but on albums like Steely Dan's Aja, the bass is sublime!

5/10 by S.O.S.

Exact replacement stylus is available from Parts-Express for $20. Part# 230-390
This is a replacement stylus (not original Shure) for the Shure M91E and M93e magnetic cartridges. It has a polished elliptical diamond with a tip radius of .0003 x .0007. Made in Japan. Light green color.

10/10 by KnobsRGood

Just awesome. I know I could spring for a more expensive cartridge, but this Shure is so fine...I think I'll buy more records instead. Thanks VE member Desktop for the trade, and the great advice.

10/10 by jazzwolf

Just a GREAT cartridge that beats ANY lower to medium price cartridge made today!

9/10 by NoClue48

I've owned this cartridge since the late 70s and am still using the original stylus. I picked it over the ATs, Stantons, Pickerings, et. al. of the day and have never regretted my decision. I track it at 1.0 gram it has always delivered the clearest highs, the most transparent mid-ranges and the beefiest lows. It's been installed on a Dual 1025, a Technics SL-220 and now a Technics SL-1210M5G and has always delivered. The other cartridges in my current stable are a Shure M97xE and a Shure M97-AH and M91ED never fails to bring a shake of my head and a smile to my face when it gets its turn in the rotation. This is one of Shure's most underrated performers.

10/10 by Old Rusty

Perhaps the greatest rock'n'roll cartridge of all time. On my low mass Luxman arm nothing can touch it's perfect balance of un-sibilant treble, perfect mid-range & thundering, punchy bass. Inky black noise-floor as well. Sweet, sweet candy...

8/10 by thumpin

Highly under-rated cartridge. Sounds great great in low mass (DUAL) Tonearms

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