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Shure M-75 Reviews

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Shure M-75

Shure M-75

9/10 by MILLET

I have an old M75 6 sold with a second hand turntable. Very warm sound. The stylus must be a budget one but the ensemble sounds as well as an expensive cartridge like Goldring 2300!

10/10 by edwardo254

I am using 2 SHURE M75B with original spherical stylus N 75-6 at tracking force 1.5 grams. Sounds great with any music especially classic music.

8/10 by KentT

The best classic Shure there is. Can cover all your needs from heavy duty LP and 78 work to Hyper-Elliptical in genuine Shure, and SAS with Jico options. Sounds great on every kind of music there is, tracks very well in good tonearms, better than all but a few. Rugged, practical, bang for the buck, and musical and plenty detailed. Hi-Track goodness for the masses.

6/10 by jdubbie

I have a M75EJ with original stylus. I agree with most other reviewers that it has no obvious flaws and it is pleasing regardless of the type of music. It seems very similar in construction and in sound to the M91, of which I have a couple samples, though neither has an original Shure stylus. With a Jico stylus (.003 x .007 elliptical), my M91ED and M75EJ sound very similar -- almost interchangeable. Good yeoman cartridge.

6/10 by Gareth W

I started out in hifi during the early 1970s with an M75EJII then moved on to the M75EDII, but the EJ had superior bass performance possibly due to the different arm/ turntable combination it was in. A good starting point for a vinyl playing system.

8/10 by budulinek

SHURE M 75 E TYPE 2 - Sound is great with any Kind of Music. warm and precise

9/10 by reactolite

I have had an M75ED II for past six or seven years and have never felt the need to replace it. I bought the used cart on ebay with original stylus. Very old but works perfectly. I listen mainly to classical music and am always impressed by the full detailed sound it delivers. I recently bought a secondhand Shure trackability test record TTR 115 which has proved to be very informative. The M75ED stands up well to the test tracks giving good results on levels two and even some on three (only the very best carts will stand up to level four and five). Great test record worth hunting down.

6/10 by caputto70

8/10 by CliveUK

The Shure M75ED T2 is characterised by a warm sound, with good bass and a well-controlled treble, making this a highly listenable cartridge. It presents a 'big' sound which is particularly impressive with 1970s Rock music. I have had two Shure styli with slightly different characters (possibly made in different factories). One has a more forward and punchy bass but a less smooth treble than the other (which is also the sound of the aftermarket stylus that I have). This cartridge may not be an icon of taut bass and detailed treble, but it is a safe option for those with modest systems who want a full-bodied sound which is easy on the ear.

I have the Shure M75-6S cartridge in a Garrard SP25 IV turntable and have mainly used it with an aftermarket stylus, although I didn't notice a significant difference from the original stylus. Like all the M75 series cartridges, it has a warm, full-bodied character with considerable bass output and a nice, easy treble. Since the stylus is spherical, detail is not its strength, which becomes evident when used in a higher-end system. However, it is a great cartridge to achieve a weighty sound in a low-budget set-up, such as a mini-system with bookshelf-type speakers.

7/10 by lechevaldebois

9/10 by forbiddenapple

Sounds great on my Technics Sl-1310, original stylus has nice bass response, warm vocals and bright highs. Great tracking ability on some old R&R LP's @1.25 gm

4/10 by kptELO

8/10 by REW

Had this since early 70's though now with cheapish replacement stylus. Warm, slightly full sound but also dynamic and often exciting. I return to it when I want to enjoy the music - mainly rock. Has worked in heavy and light arms of varying quality, always at 1.5gm to maximise tracking ability. Modern stuff more accurate, possibly more neutral.

6/10 by desertdog

good in its day, will work well in higher mass arms, also look at M44e

9/10 by Tim70_99

Top performer on a budget for years, still makes good sense today if you can find one with a usable original stylus as cheap replacements not much good. Not supposed to be able to track the supertrack cut on HFS 75 but it does in my Sansui and is secure at 1-1.25grams in real world situations where it handles, rock, jazz or classical with ease. Not too critical of set up either.

6/10 by BJ Johnson

I have one with spherical stylus. After alignment it plays well and have a bearable sibilance. The major issue is the limited frequency range in highs - compared with my cheap audio-technica - and a sometimes uncontrolled bass. Despite of these issues, this cartridge have a good detail and channel separation. Some records sound VERY well in my AKG headphones. It doesn't have static problems - like a old cart used to be - and the hard needle suspension plays very well old and poor records. The cartridge size is small compared to the V15, SC35C and, maybe, a average coil can be the cause of its problems.

9/10 by ipapb

One of my favorite cartridges.
Warm sound with nice bass, vocals very natural and fine treble, non-aggressive purposes.
Very slight staining in the upper-medium: rock or jazz rather than classical music, but never disappoints

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