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Shure M-44 Reviews

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Shure M-44

Shure M-44

8/10 by VinylTune

I own a vintage m44-7 with a brown polymer housing with a white swan logo on the front side with the words m44-7 also in white. I am using a pfansthiel diamond elliptical (.3x.7)mil replacement stylus. I know that the most current versions of this cartridge are often used by DJs for scratching and mixing as they are hard to skip under immense vibration, but I use this cartridge to listen to music and not for DJ purposes.

This has a high output level. Probably the highest out of all my collection. With the pfansthiel stylus, it produces sounds very well. It can produce details, high fq and low end bass quite well. Although it does fail to reproduce vocals on some records and you can hear the sibilance where the vocals tend to crackle, especially if the voice is shouting (like in Foreigner's hot blooded track). It does produce guitar riffs really well and very clear. But because of the weakness of producing some vocals on some records, this cartridge is not my #1 choice. I have a YouTube channel called VinylTune which you can listen to this cartridge in some of my earliest videos I posted.

7/10 by djuli

Owned Shure M44-7 catridge with original N44-7 yellow color in1970. Tried to replace the stylus with original N44-7 white color made by mexico in 2013., but still prefer to N44-7 yellow color. Balance sound with rich bass and fair treble.

10/10 by loroxo

With original needle wonderful budget, old-fashioned sounding cartridge. It's remunerating to take care for the adjustment, respectively the VTA.
Together with an old-fashioned Idler drive - very dynamic, lively sound with substance and stable imaging. Correlates to mounting in a DUAL 1019 drive.

9/10 by budlark

If made in US....

3/10 by caputto70

This was a disapointment on my system.

10/10 by UAWProud

I just bought two vintage M44E model carts. One was a MK and the other a MB variant. I used Recoton Ultra-Magnetics replacement needles on both of these carts. The MB model got an eliptical model and the MK a high track replacement needle noted as the N44C replacement type. My needle seller just didn't have two of the eliptical needles, is why I supplemented the other.

Both of the carts just spanked the music! Of course the MB with the eliptical needle was the better of the two, but that isn't putting anything by the MK with the lower line needle, as it was nothing to be ashamed of either (I may switch needles just for kicks). Without the needle being broken in yet, the MB variant is great! It is very vivid in the way it represents the music.

Both cartridge variations were very strong, with a very dynamic range of tones and sounds throughout the range. The M44 may have been introduced in the 1973, but it certainly is right there with modern mid-line cartridges and probably better than a lot.

I sold a M91ED cart with a new aftermarket needle just last week. This M44 E-MB with an eliptical needle really does compare to it!

I think I would skip the more expensive Shures like the M97 or M91 and buy one of these. They are typically half the price or at least far less. Throw a new eliptical needle in yours and enjoy the music!

The M44E model line isn't lacking in my book. Why spend a whole lot more when one of these will make most people happy and for half the money of a lot of modern carts? This is an unsung hero!

5/10 by anmpr1

I think this was my first MM cartridge. I was using a Garrard model SL-55b with a ceramic cartridge, plugged into the line level input of a Panasonic 8-track stereo system, circa 1968. Making the switch (along with an outboard Radio Shack MM phono amp) was a revelation in sound enhancement, and got me on the road to a hi-fi hobby. So, if you are still using a ceramic cartridge on an old Garrard changer, this could be the ticket. For anyone else? You'd be best served with their M-97 model which actually looks to be good value, although I haven't heard that one yet. I should buy one just to find out. Surprisingly, a quick search shows that the M-44 is still made, albeit for the disco market.

6/10 by desertdog

realy good sound for budget price. more slam than EJ and ED, good second hand buy if you can get one made in USA.

10/10 by jskunz

If you take a little time using two small metric scales and a strong lighted magnifier to see if the overhang and angle adjustments are accurate, and a test record to check anti-skate and tracking force, then you'll have one awesome sounding cartridge. I've had good results using 1 to 1.25 grams tracking force, even with bass drum playback. If tonearm height affects VTA, just simply dabb a little bit of fingernail polish at the fron't top edge of the cartridge, and let it dry, this will act as a shim.

7/10 by Bill L

Forgiving of rougher handling and record changers while sounding reasonably well at a budget price.

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