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Pickering XV15/625 Reviews

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Pickering XV15/625

Pickering XV15/625

9/10 by wolfie62

I have the Pickering XV-15 1200E. Exactly the same as the Stanton 681EEE, which I also have.

This is a Moving Iron (MI) cart. With the right stylus, this cart will shame most all new carts, including the Nagaoka 100-500, Ortofons, ATs, costing $700 or less. It has a bold, yet silky and non-fatiguing sound, with great detail. It is in lock-step with the Empire 2000Z. With a Shibata or LP Gear Vivid Line, this cart shames most anything Ive had less than $900. This is a cartridge you can put on your arm and be perfectly happy with for the next 20 years.

All this, and I only paid
$35 for the cart, $30 for my daily driver stylus. I recently spent $80 for the Vivid Line stylus--well worth the extra investment!

9/10 by dagoosemusic

Had this cartridge in my closet for years with a broken needle and never felt it could be of any use because of that. As a dj I have 1200 s for over 20 years with stanton and concorde cartridges but since about a year I'm into classic audio usinga mmarantz 2245 and 6150 tt . At first I had a grado cartridge in there causing the famous hum and then I found out that the xv 15 was a classic and so I ordered a replacement needle. I was pleasently surprised of the sound after all these years in the closet, it was laying there for at least 15 years. Since then I use it in my marantz 6150 and simply love it.

9/10 by jusbe


10/10 by ronpilgrim

10/10 by UAWProud

One of the best vintage cartridges I have ever owned. Just got it and installed a new aftermarket stylus. Right now I have it on a nice vintage Technics SL-B3 full auto belt drive table which I bought to resell. It is making this modest table sound like a million bucks. I am running a Sansui G5500 receiver and Klipsch KG4 speakers.

What impresses me is how clean and life-like its sound is. It is just a gem-very, very smooth. It doesn't color music or irritate your ears after awhile and become obnoxious. It just plays back in a realistic and pleasant manner. This is the kind of cartridge you can listen to for the rest of your life and not get tired of it.

I have other vintage carts including Stantons 600, 680, Empire 2000 E/III, Shure M91ED and others. This is a unique and pleasant animal unto itself. Scored a good cart in this one! Real beautiful sound.

8/10 by dmorfois

Soft,liquid, transparent, warm. I love it on chamber music. Gives an impression of musical density, even at low volume level. An absolute keeper !

9/10 by calgarysaurus

Very warm, lively sound with rich bass and mids yet smooth highs. My new favorite.

7/10 by Jakeman57

Nice cartridge / nothing special about it though . I use it on my 3rd table ( pioneer 512) .

8/10 by fscl

+0.5 Keep returning to this cartridge on JVC QL Y55F

9/10 by staszic


8/10 by slr9589

rides in my pioneer pl 518 nicely......handles wide array of music very well.

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