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Philips GP 412 Reviews

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Philips GP 412

Philips GP 412

10/10 by Mitaxa1968

Hy raymondo75. Any chance to order one from you? Could you give me a price please?

5/10 by ronalddevries

Found an unused one and put it in my Dual 1219. First with the original stylus and I was very pleasantly surprised. Next to the famous Shure M91ED I think the Philips retrieves a bit more detail and tighter bass.
After a while I took the guess and ordered a Shibata stylus and WOW. Even bigger soundstage, better definition, better bass, better.... everuthing.
For me this is the best combo for my Dual.
Also tried it in a medium-mass Sansui (Jelco) arm, mounted on my Lenco L75. Not half of the exitement, so it stays in the Dual.

8/10 by freddie75015

This one is a fairly good number. Some say that it could be a Shure V 15 type 2. I've one in a TP 16 arm (Thorens TD 147), a second one in a Dual 1229 and a third and last one (at the moment) in a Dual 731 Q. Very nice , elegant, precise highs, dynamic basses.

7/10 by Jacques51

I have removed this element from a broken Philips 312 record player, put it in a Thorens TD150 (MkII) with a standard TP13A arm. The owner had a spare unused stylus as well -- all this for a mere 10 euros...

A somewhat different spectrum than the Stanton 681EEE I'm fond of, but nevertheless very clear sound, rather prominent highs on cymbals and drums. Bass not overwhelmingly present, a slight tendency to somewhat boomy pizzicati from contrabasses (could be my cupboard on which the TT sat). But overall very satisfactory, able to track some very difficult records I have (like a few quadraphonic ones from the mid-1970s) without a hitch. I must admit that the stock tonearm on a Thorens TD-150MkII is not too bad, either.

9/10 by raymondo75

Hi.. I'm affraid to give 10 point rating 'cos there is allways something better but I'm pretty excited about this cartridge. I found 3 of these from the basement of local electrician whom used to repair turntables and sell everything related in the 70's and 80's. These are brand NEW!! In the original pyramid shaped box. They've been lying in the (luckyly dry) basement for 20 years!

This really is my first experience of vinyl sounding absolutely better than cd..record after record. Very pleasent sound! This is also my first experience of records playing clearly throughout. No inner groove distortion!! (unless the record is worn out and so broken) I think I'm finally starting to get what vinyl was and is all about and I've been using Denon Dl-160, Yamaha MC-9, Audio Technica AT-440, Benz Ace etc etc.. maybe this is system/ turntable issue 'cos some of these are regarted great but they fell short compared to Phillips.

Hoping to find similar expiriences in the future 'cos this kind of big steps come rarely in hifi.. at least to me.. So I'm open to suggestions

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