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Cartridge Reviews: 2011

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Ortofon SL-15E Reviews

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Ortofon SL-15E

Ortofon SL-15E

10/10 by Othello

This is a great cartridge. Low output equals amazing resolution and lower record noise and wear. Regarding the type 2/15k transformers: have them rewired as they sound amazing.

9/10 by dmorfois

The Ortofon SPU is too expensive for you ... Go for a SL 15. It has a beautiful trebble and mid, almost as bass density as it's bigger sister ! Easily retippable by a specialist, the SL 15 has only one limitation : you need a good transformer to match the nowadays exotic impedance of this cartridge. Unless you have good eyes and serious soldering talents, avoid the original Ortofon type 2/15k pair of transformers : the plastic body is fragile, the cables are of poor quality ...

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