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Ortofon Rondo Bronze Reviews

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Ortofon Rondo Bronze

Ortofon Rondo Bronze

10/10 by DrMike

One of the most musical high end MCs I have owned. Has as much detail and 3D soundstaging as you care to hear without distracting you from the music with it. For me there is slightly more relaxed detail from the Cadenza Bronze but not the same mid range fluidity and natural vocal tones. This is a very underrated cartridge that stands up in the highest systems. The Cadenza Black is more stunning but for me slightly colder in comparison.

9/10 by Boletten04

Excellent, to bad Ortofon stopped production.

10/10 by Ccptan

Very impressive. Excellent sound stage and image, clear and transparent, extended highs and plenty of bass weight. Cannot fault.

9/10 by bkn

Impressive precise sound: excellent treble and mid-range with deep bass. Recommended.

8/10 by christere

Very good cart. Very natural/neutral sounding, good pace and fine bass
Somewhat expensive though and a little bit wieghty for some tonearms. For my listening preferences IŽll recommend it.

8/10 by sponholt

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