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Ortofon MC 200 Reviews

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Ortofon MC 200

Ortofon MC 200

10/10 by Othello

Ahead of its time: has the technologies currently employed in Winfield, for example. Highly resolving of recording minutiae; minimizes record noise in the way that only low output coils can do; very linear, dynamic, and resolving of both highs and lows. A bargain.

10/10 by ronalcho

acabo de comprar este cartucho mc-200 quiero saber si puedo usarlo en mi tabla mesa ql-7 jvc, tambien que previo phono me aconsejan para mi mc-200, tambien tengo una tecnics sl-20 a cual de estas mesas instalo el mc-200?? cual es el peso requerido para este cartucho??

9/10 by fftulip

Very fine cartridge, can sound just a tad bright (+-2dB unit to unit variation), otherwise excellent extension from bass to treble. As mentioned, main drawback is very low output, also can be a little difficult to set up due to light weight and short cantilever.

8/10 by george2000

Old but an excellent cartridge - low output (0.09mv)with brilliant treble. Rides very low so warped records should be avoided.

9/10 by vonqualen

10/10 by jfds56

Fantastic cartridge, smooth liquid mid range, solid bass and shimmering treble. Vocals sound very natural. Only negative, very low output - needs mc pre-preamp with very high gain, more than 30dB.

10/10 by Robzie70

I changed the MC20MKII to this MC200U. This is a very good cartridge. I think better like MC20MKII. I use in a LINN Axis with LINN Basic Plus LVX. Recommended! :-)

9/10 by Knut

9 points cause this mc is a real sleeper. you just need a fitting pre, see the load! listen yourself

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