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Ortofon 2M Red Reviews

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Ortofon 2M Red

Ortofon 2M Red

7/10 by DrMike

This is a great upgrade to entry level decks up to £250. No wonder more manufacturers are supplying this as standard. You may need to adjust VTA but this is still a dynamic inoffensive cartridge With a decent soundstage and dynamics. Slight treble lift is compensated by the stylus profile and there is the upgrade path to a 2M blue stylus for better soundstage imaging and better treble extension.
Set up well these carts are always musical and never harsh. Recommended.

1/10 by Nightster

Harsh , harsh harsh ... you can do much better for the money the Ortofon OM 10 is much better value imho ... yes I have both

9/10 by JJCalvillo

Very nice cartridge without breaking the bank. It does ride low, but if you don't have speed-bumps on your records, who cares. Very clear, full range, and accurate. Plenty of base from my little EPI 100Ws.

It's making my Phillips GA 212 sound like a poor man's Thorens indeed.

8/10 by Electone

I never had the desire to own a 2M Red, but I recently acquired a nearly new one on a trade. Not expecting much, I mounted it on an appropriate Ortofon SH-4 headshell and aligned it to the Technics standard 52mm offset. I've listened to it for a couple days and I have to say I'm thoroughly impressed. The sound is very clinical and accurate. Those expecting a warm sound better look elsewhere. This cart leaves nothing unresolved. I really like it.

8/10 by TENRAGS

The equal of my MP110, E3, VM-AT95E, AT95EX and LPG3600LE. Fitted on a Technics detachable headshell painstakingly aligned to Baerwald through my Mani, Denon and Q Acoustics 3020s.

8/10 by audiopip

A competent budget cartridge. Its never going to have great detail because of the conical stylus, but the overall balance is more acceptable than the 2M Blue and more similar to the Black. For this reason personally I prefer it over the Blue. The stylus is more realistically priced too!

7/10 by luckybaer

I use this with my Kenwood KD-2070. I wanted to try something different from the Shure V15 Type III that came with the TT (purchased TT used off of eBay). Inoffensive, tracks well, easy to install. I attached it to an Ortofon SH-4 headshell, and I'm satisfied. More lively than the relaxed and laid-back Shure (with SAS stylus), but not fatiguing. I may get something else to use with new vinyl (my collection is pretty beat up), but for what I've got, the Red is a good choice. Kenwood KD-2070 - PS Audio NuWave Phono Converter - Schiit Gungnir Multi-Bit - AURALiC Taurus MkII - Massdrop x Focal Elex

3/10 by larrymann

This cartridge from Ortofon was very dissipointing. The output voltage is quite high creating an illusion of exiting, dynamic sound. Ortofon also must have played with the frequency response,certain singers no longer sound like they should. I have now sold the Ortofon Red and am currently looking for a truthful, musical cartridge to replace a 30year old Shure V15. I would appreciate any help with this search. Thankyou.

5/10 by academia50

I bought a 2M Red and I thought it was an imitation. The guard fell, removing the needle was reckless because it was stuck, and the height between the needle and the vinyl dangerously close, I claimed the seller (ND in USA) they derived the subject to Ortofón, who requested date of purchase and serial number ) and finally they decided to send me a new cartridge in warranty. In the new unit, everything is perfect. I never knew what happened, but I suspect that it was a defective game, without good quality control. The guard is a very dubious design. If you have problems, do not use it because its manipulation is dangerous, you can ruin the needle.

I am qualifying 3/10 according to my bad experience. With the new cartridge received would have been a 6/10 evaluating only its sound performance, I agree with the general expressed here. For its price, it delivers too good sound ..

9/10 by washrecords

better than lots of more expensive cartridge. Use a good tonearm and enjoy

9/10 by Kashmirvinyl

I snapped my AT 3003 stylus last week and spent a few days doing research to upgrade my cartridge. Researching audio equipment can be confusing, overwhelming, and create buyer's remorse without even making a purchase. A friend of mine recommend Ortofon, and another friend recommended a high-end audio store. I called the store to get their recommendation, and they recommended the Ortofon Red. I originally wanted the Blue, but based on my current audio system and financial situation, the Red made sense. I brought my TT to the audio shop with a list of questions, and walked out with the Ortofon Red installed and perfectly aligned. When I got home I immediately started playing albums. From the first album onward, I knew I made a great decision. The tracking was great, sound was full with excellent instrument separation. A great upgrade for a decades old, but still cranking system.

8/10 by almabes

Good general purpose Ortofon MM cartridge. Not for every tonearm though. It's a tad too wide for a Dual sled, and can interfere with the wiring on some straight arms. For those your're better off sticking with an OM or Super OM cartridge.
Sounds excellent. Fairly forgiving of crappy cables, junky preamps with too much capacitance, and scratched or noisy records you wouldn't want to play on a $575 stylus.
It's got bass without being tubby. It's got treble without being shrill. It's got midrange without being in your face. Detail can be a little lacking, but such is life with a bonded elliptical diamond. You want detail, step up to a Bronze at 4X the price.

9/10 by 3094kevin

Nice and clean presentation. Not too expensive. Tracks well and sounds great.

9/10 by Kajtsu

Excellent cartridge.

10/10 by 762ROB

Love it, installed on a restored Pioneer PL-530 and use it to play vintage vinyl (cleaned of course) with a Fisher X 202B tube amp and Klipsch KSF 8.5's. Very punchy sounding and really brings out the hidden dynamics on Lp's and very forgiving of less than mint Lp's as well.
My great experience with this one led me to buy an Ortofon Blue for another system upstairs...

9/10 by stuttgart stefan

I have about 210 hours on my 2M Red since October 2014. What a terrific cartridge. It's on the end of a PL-518 table and it sings. Very complete and detailed. I'm hearing things that I've not heard before (and it's all good). Superb sound reproduction for the price. Excellent value.

10/10 by 202bar

Just ordered my Orton 2M Red last night. I decided to get it because of the good reviews it gets,don't forget the looks also count,it's a beauty. Will be upgrading from a vintage shure X5 that came with my Technics SL D205

9/10 by Out of Africa

i had the red and it sounded direct and warm with focused sound stage .

You cant go wrong with a red if its an upgrade -it will only get BETTER -Great Cart.

9/10 by M0dified

Just upgraded and replaced the stock OM-5E cartridge that came with my Rega P1 TT. I must say it is a great improvement. I'm getting much better mids & highs and wider soundstage. Plus, it plays all my records (even the not so clean ones) perfectly without a glitch. For the money, it is a great value.

7/10 by ruicanela

Bought it and sold it.....too polite.....

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