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Cartridge Reviews: 2011

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Ortofon 2M Bronze Reviews

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Ortofon 2M Bronze

Ortofon 2M Bronze

9/10 by tlcrf450

I have a project debut carbon tt with a vintage onkyo a7 integrated amp..The project came with the 2m red which is a nice cartridge..I purchase the bronze worrying it might be overkill for my system. But so far so good . With 20 plus hours on it ,it is clearly an audible improvement over the 2m red...Big improvement in the soundstage better definition in all areas. Im expecting it to improve as I get more hours on it

9/10 by schi3098

I used this cart for a number of years - it tracked perfectly - the music, especially complicated stuff, came out clear - and - in my opinion excellent across the audio spectrum. I am partial to MM carts. I use my turntable every day - I think the cart is worn out!! so I bought a 2M black.

10/10 by DSJR

A really good cartridge this one I think! I set it up in a Rega RP3 (now revised into the 'new' Planar 3) and it fitted right in - the cartridge shape exactly fits a Rega RB tonearm and in fact Ortofon now picture the two mated together in their blurb for the range. Sound is great, with more subtlety than the lower models, but without making everything samey or bland. This cartridge funks along brilliantly give half a chance, yet is refined enough to work on more delicate acoustic music too. Price isn't totally silly, although Ortofon seem to have led the field in pushing up prices and now others like Dynavector and Audio Technica are following suit sadly. Recommended highly, but take care with alignment as the superior stylus profile needs it I feel.

10/10 by jason00454

Replaced my Shure 97xE with the Ortofon 2m Bronze and have been happy with the upgrade. I use an all tube preamp, and to my ears this cartridge isn't too bright. It is brighter than the Shure, but that cartridge sounded very rolled back in the highs to me. The Bronze is very detailed, and the highs sounds open. I can't compare it to the other 2M series carts, I've only heard the Bronze. Initially, I was looking at the Blue, but found a new Bronze for a price that I couldn't resist. I should note that I like a lot of detail and crisp highs. Overly bright highs really grate on me though. With my setup I haven't experienced anything too bright for my taste with this cartridge. I know everyone has their own preferences.

I have heard some complaints about the bass with this cart, but I'm getting great low bass output. I would say that the lows, mids, and highs are very well balanced. As with any fine line type stylus, keeping records clean is a must, as they do tend to pick up more noise from dirt. As long as the records are in good condition and clean I've experienced pretty low noise. Tracks very well... a lot of my new vinyl arrives warped these days, and this cartridge plays them all flawlessly.

I'm using it on my Sota Moonbeam III, so it's on a Rega OEM 202 tonearm. Seems to be a good match. Running it through Parks Audio Budgie, with JJ gold pin tubes, and a Harman Kardon HK 3490 amp. Maybe a budget type system for some, but I don't feel the need to spend any more. If anything I'm considering checking out the 2M Black stylus as my possible upgrade. As impressed as I've been with the Bronze, I have to wonder what the next level in this series sounds like.

8/10 by martin0028g

This cartridge was a lot of fun to listen through, with tremendous detail and and even handed frequency response. Ultimately I feel that it lacked deep bass and the authority of mid bass achieved by my 5x as expensive Allaerts MC1 eco. Totally unfair comparison but the Bronze, from the upper bass on up, is so good that it invites a comparison. Used with a Thorens TD124/Morch UP-4 into Clearaudio nano/Deja Vu preamp, Eico HF-50's, Audio Note AN-E/Spe.

9/10 by mercalia

I have just got my Roxsan Xerxes record player working after a long time in storeage. The last good cartridge I had was the Ortofon MC30super MC which I got at a special offer price and loved it. Then finances moved me to the cheap MC15 super which I didnt like and hence the record player was put away into storeage. Upto the present. I was a bit concerned about getting a MM cartridge when all I had ever got was MC. I need not have worried. Now that I am rather old, eye sight not what it was and hands not so sure as they were, the idea of a MM appeals, dont want to have to keep on setting up a MC every couple of years and the price of the replacement stylus very keen. I have only played a few hours at the moment but the sound is all I could hope for, very clean detailed sound and not sterile or clinical like the HiFi World review reports, which says should not be used with modern transistor gear or records. I am using audiolab 8000Ms and 8200CDQ with the Musical Fidelity XLPS v3 phono. The dynamics are great and surface noise low or non existant apart from the occasional click from LPs that havent been played in 10 years!. My listening room is quite small and I listen using Epos M5i which work well and the sound when it needs to fills the room. The upper bass is firm and capable of scale. It isnt a warm and comfy armchair cartridge and any harhness in voice is revealed I think. An Ute Lemper record showed a certain brittleness when she starts to belt it. On the other hand a HongKong record of Chinese folk songs sung by Peng Li-Yuan, who sings with a traditional thin voice sounds marvelous when she opens up, and the Bronze handles it with supreme confidence and scale. So a happy customer. 9/10, well I suppose the Black is better?

7/10 by caputto70

A detailed cartridge, but a bit to much on the bright side in my taste. It may be that it isnt an ideal match to my Denon DP 59s arm. Im more a ADC XLM Mk III kind of a guy.

9/10 by Gblaquiere

Best cartridge I've had to date. Quiet, but expressive. Great sound. I had a Grado Gold before this one on an old Dual cs7000 turntable and liked it. However, the 2m bronze on my Pro-Ject RM 5.2 is substantially better.(It is a more expensive cartridge than the Grado and so it is not a fair comparison) It could be the turntable or the cartridge. All I know is I have no need or desire to change up my cartridge from the 2m Bronze. It is indeed good enough for me. Great clarity, pinpoint imaging etc.... Love this cartridg

9/10 by Hausekar

More or less by accident I upgraded from 2M red to 2M bronze. Got the bronze free with a TT. I was about to buy a new Denon 103r, but tried the bronze out for fun. I have now, 3 or 4 month later, still not bought a new cartridge.
I like your review, and to you who thinking of buying the 2M red or blue, use the extra money to buy a bronze if you can. It's in another class.

8/10 by Garven

I thought I'd share my thought on my new phono cartridge. I picked up an Ortofon 2M Bronze on Thursday and have been playing it all weekend. After about 10 hours I have to say it's a tremendous match for my Pro-Ject Xpression II. I started with an Ortofon OM20, then switched to an Audio-Technica AT150MLX and neither of these sounded as good on my Xpression as the 2M Bronze.

The OM20 was strongest in the midrange with lots of dynamics but was nothing special in terms of frequency extension or tracking.

The AT150MLX tracked quite well but was lean in the bass and midrange. It's top end was bright and metallic, giving a false sense of detail. It did track more detail than the OM20 but then it boosted it somewhat like Unsharpen Mask gives a false sense of detail to an image in Photoshop.

It may be a very worn out cliché, but the 2M Bronze really is digging out musical details I hadn't noticed before. I'm hearing obvious edits in recordings that just didn't show up before. There are so many instances where you keep hearing little details that give you an impression of musicians moving in the recording space or the physical interactions of instruments, piano keys, guitar strings, sticks hitting drums. The bass is absolutely beautiful with deep, solid articulation without getting boomy. The midrange is smooth and accurate with a nice sense of realism. This extends into the highs, which are detailed but not at all harsh the way they were with the AT. In fact, the whole 2M presentation throughout the frequency range seems textured and almost holographic, with a great deal of honesty. You get the sense that it's giving you whatever info is in those grooves and without any embellishments or coloration. As I write, I'm listening to the Rhino reissue of Joni Mitchell's Blue that Steve mastered a couple of years ago, the end of the song California. The percussion is stunning with sweet natural highs and a solid bottom end. On side one, the piano was rich and natural. Throughout, Joni's voice is natural and flowing.

The 2M also seems to track better than the AT on sibilants. Before Joni, I tried the 30th anniversary Dark Side of the Moon and it tracks right through those tough spots on Money and Brain Damage without any harshness or break-up. I also have an old Canadian pressing of Surrealistic Pillow where the sibilants on White Rabbit were really annoying before but the Bronze pushes right through them without hiding them yet rendering them with an honesty. They're sibilants but still musical and smooth, sounding more like Grace just sang a little close to the mic.

The background is also blacker then with the OM and AT. This is one aspect where I really think the 2M series matches the Project 8.6 tonearm extremely well. There's no sense of rumble or resonance at all. When the stylus sits down on a clean record, there's a quiet. almost comforting whooosh of diamond gliding through vinyl. Records with a noisy background seem quieter with any pops and clicks less obtrusive and seemingly more detached from the music.

I still notice a bit of stiffness due to the cartridge being new so I can't wait to hear this thing sing once it's about 100 hours or so!

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