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Ortofon 2M Red Reviews

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Ortofon 2M Red

Ortofon 2M Red

10/10 by Paul Murro

Hey All,been a while. have to say just got this cart. with a Project TT deal and was FLOORED ,what a great suprise I have to say I know of no other this price range that dose what this can!!! A win,Win 4SURE!!!

9/10 by kontox

Simply a great pickup to the price......

9/10 by plaka_king

I finally achieved that very nice soundstage and clear, crisp highs with this Ortofon 2M RED that I previously lack on the M44-7 with Jico N55E. Although not really a bad sounding combination, my Jico stylus is louder but the highs tend to be harsh sometimes and lacks the soundstage I was really looking for. The Ortofon has a well controlled highs and the soundstage is really there and wider. Although care should be taken well into consideration when installing as inner groove distortion IS possible if not aligned properly. I used the Stevenson protractor. Gave it 9 out of 10 because I realized that my typical listening time of 2 hours became 6 hours! And now I crave even more for vinyls, so I blame it all on the Ortofon 2M RED for sounding consistently very good! haha

9/10 by KI2000

Love this cartridge. Plays my records flawlessly with crisp clear sound. For this price, you can\'t let it pass you.
As said by lbgrrl, it even plays records that are scratched a little without any pops or noises.

9/10 by sfedroid

Just replaced a Rega Bias with this and it's a definite upgrade (on a Planar 3 with RB300). Cleaner midrange and treble, better tune-playing in the bass, more grip and control all round. Plus I appreciate the ease of installation (just two screws on the topside, no fiddly nuts to mess about with), makes setting up and aligning a piece of cake. I'll give it the 9/10 because I doubt there's anything close at the price.

And not really important, but it looks fabulous on the Rega arm!

8/10 by rickvl

9/10 by Rich2371

Nice upgrade from a 510 mk2 Like night and day love it AA++

9/10 by humana

For that price beautiful full range

9/10 by lbgrrl

Plays even scratched records without a pop or click. Nice warm sound.

9/10 by dougarz

modern looking, rock solid, nice sounding cart.

9/10 by Keith Fletcher

Bargain for price. Musical and tracks flawlessly.

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