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Nagaoka NM-33 Reviews

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Nagaoka NM-33

Nagaoka NM-33

10/10 by Naggy

Ok - bought 2 for £20, in 2019. Made in the mid 70's. The largest ever nagaoka? Output 9 mv weight 9g. The conical stylus plays just as well with 1.75 g vtf as the recommended 3g.
It's not MI, it is MM. A nagaoka experiment with the pole piece.
I have the nm22, MP 11,15 and 50 already. I have found tonearm tail down a bit is best. You will find unfortunate sibilance on some records. The vast majority no sibilance issue.

The stylus is shared with Audio technica
at -6. The At 6 is rumoured to be like M3ED soundwise. So at 9mv output this nagaoka could be considered M3d like, but on steroids.? Most tonearms will need extra counterbalance weight.
More dynamic, with impact, teams up with the Schitt mani phono stage really well.
Sheer power, like having a pre pre amp. Dynamics and soundstage better than the MP range? Oh yes, I kid you not. Remember its a nagaoka conical shape stylus, at a bargain price. Thunderous bass, making the MP 50 seem pale in comparison!!!!! Not joking or exaggerating, rare opportunity, but just suffers sibilance on some pressings, needs tonearm to be taildown in my system. Just get one, listen and smile.

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