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Nagaoka MP 50 Reviews

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Nagaoka MP 50

Nagaoka MP 50

9/10 by Naggy

A smooth well balanced sound, making vinyl replay possible for hours on end. Top of the range (there was a rare sapphire pipe stylus version, holding a nude diamond, a one off. Reputed to be at the top table of all carts including lomc's). The best tonearms and other equipment will complement this one. Not an impact cartridge, musicality and subtlety are its strengths. I have had it and an MP15 body with MP20 boron stylus for a year, and I play the MP15 the most. I keep the MP50 on an Osawa magnesium headshell, and use it on classical / acoustic guitar records mainly. Kudos to Nagaoka for making the current MP500 stylus fit the previous MP50 model. The gold metallic finish is high quality, and looks/plays nice on an SME 3009 2 improved with Technics sl150 mk1.

8/10 by desertdog

I had one of these when first came out in the 80's. yes nice clear sound, not to arm fussy. certainly would not purchase one at todays prices. I would go for dynavector high output carts as they give the detail with more slam. decca londons also come in at this price, but thats another story. going back to the mp 50 it was for shure the best moving magnet i have listened too to date.

9/10 by hifiguy54

Have been using one of these for about 12 months now, I highly reccommend it if your albums are in good nick, you'll be amazed at it's resolution, deep bass & crystal highs and great staging. It's strengths include acoustic,hi-res electronica amongst many others.
Check any suspects for purchase though for cantalever suspension probs, if you find a good one buy it, if not just buy a new styli for it.

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