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Nagaoka MP 200 Reviews

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Nagaoka MP 200

Nagaoka MP 200

9/10 by audiopip

A revelation after trying all the 2M Ortofons. Agree entirely with other reviews, superb natural detail and presentation. Sounds equally at home on modern and older recordings. Low surface noise and ESD. Great value.

10/10 by RegD432

I've been running the MP-200 for two weeks now. It's really opened up a lot and now stands as the best cartridge I've ever owned. Before I was running an Ortofon Bronze, and I can say I find this cart to have better highs, mids and lows. I also really enjoy the sharpness of the bass and the channel separation. This was my first stop in the Nagoaka line, and I suppose it'll be my last stop. I see no need to go further up the ladder. This one literally is the perfect cartridge for my ears.

Pay attention to Ebay/Amazon listings off and on. These can be picked up for around 300 dollars on sale at various times of the year. Worth every penny. You won't do better on this side of 500 dollars. That I can confidently say.

9/10 by Phil Y

I recently got one of these to replace a Goldring 1042. I am very pleased with it. The presentation is relaxed, open and clear with loads of detail and ambience through the midrange. The only area it does not better the Goldring is in having a slightly softer bass, but there is still plenty of texture present. Overall, it allows you to sit back and enjoy the music and surely that is the point!

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