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Nagaoka MP 110 Reviews

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Nagaoka MP 110

Nagaoka MP 110

9/10 by 1mctous

You'll never buy a Nagaoka cartridge for looks, but what a competent and well-balanced performer! I relaxed with the very first needle drop and stayed relaxed with the excellent tracking. The bass and dynamics gradually improved after the first 10-15 hours of break-in, along with the level of fine detail. The overall tone leans slightly soft which makes worn records much easier to hear. Above all it sounds focused, coherent, and lively. I have heard most of its major competitors in person and can honestly say you'd have to spend twice the money to do better.

7/10 by davetruestory

This is special cartridge, it give you the illusion of having the artist in front of you. But doesn't have the extension of a Grado in the lows or of a Audio Technica in the highs.

8/10 by szoze

Not a good match for my Pro-ject Debut Carbon. It sounds too bright and thin with the Pro-ject. But it really sings on the RB330 arm of my Planar 3. It doesn't have that fantastic involvement and tonal accuracy of Denon DL-110 but it is still a very nice cartridge.

10/10 by Ghaasl

Paired with my PL-250, it’s giving me the warm vinyl sound I was craving. Laid back but not lacking detail. Not overly bass heavy, good mids, and just enough top end for my tastes. I listen to a lot of 60s and 70s rock/pop. This cartridge suits my listening needs very well. For the $157 USD (2018) it was money well spent, and I got a headshell with it. Needing slight adjustment out of the box it’s now tracking well and sounding AWESOME! It will not win any beauty contests, but in this price point, it’ll be the belle of the ball sonically.

9/10 by yurko

Firstly i putted on low mass tonearm and sound was terrible. Just awful. But mounted on right tonearm ( high mass ) this cartridge is gem.Sound is warm and clear. The strings and drums are rich and natural. Only not so good on high treble. Very close to Grado 8mz stylus+ Grado black one cartridge. Better than Grado black one, Stanton eee 681, Ortofon OM 10.

9/10 by digilogistist

I coupled this cart with a Hitachi PS-48, and the sound is superb! After I got the alignment set right, I was impressed to hear only a minimal amount of sibilance at the end of a few older troublesome records I own. Moreover, well mastered records play and sound clear as a bell, and the sound spectrum reproduction appears quite balanced. This is an affordable, entry-level audiophile-grade cart.

8/10 by Cooler2k

Very very nice cartridge. Not stiff, can be used on light tonearm (i use it on sme 3009 s2 imp). Not bright one! So, if you like smooth, relaxed sound - this is for you. Sounds almost like vintage cartridges, best on jazz, vocals. Nice bass, a bit reduced midrange, soft tops.

10/10 by SAMUEL1


9/10 by Afrosheen

With the price in mind, the smoothness and technical accomplishments of this little cartridge are something to behold. Sounds warm, tracks flawlessly, exposes what you want to hear and hides most of what you don't. Also it's fairly light so heavy tracking force isn't essential.
The gold standard of cheap vinyl reproduction in my book. Also note that the cart can handle nicer (up to MP-500) styli, should the mood hit you.

8/10 by Superbobus

Nice and warm sound. It brings the music to life, but never gets agressive. Tracking is good although I have to set it to 2g and anti skate to 1,5-2. If I use the advised 1,8g a few of my records will skip. I'm surprised how well the inner grooves still sound.

9/10 by allanpedersen

For the money certainly a very good cartridge. I use it on my Project 6.1 (older version with plinth) at it does a really good job. Replacing a Ortofon 2M red it initially felt recessed and dull right out of the box. However with time to settle in it just sounds better and better, and I now prefer it to my other carts (2m red, Grado Gold and Roksan corus Black (bought it used, so maybe not a fair comparison). Sound is smooth with a good soundstage, tight bass, slightly recessed mid and detailed slightly pronounced treble. Best thing is how my albums now sound interesting and the music just seems to flow effortless: more focus on the music and less on the technicalities. 1,85 g VTF. Antiskate at 1 g. Baerwald alignment. One drawback is installing, as the small screws and bolts is not optimal for my hands. Ended up putting the bolts at the top... One more thing: this cart is not eyecandy. Its just yellow and bulky...but it gets the job done.

9/10 by bieleckius

This is the cartridge I am primarily using on a Sony PS-X55 and previously on a Technics SL-1200. It is easy to align, tracks very well and reduces pops and clicks significantly. The low surface noise comes at the expense of a slightly rolled off top end. But truthfully, that is the sound I prefer with vinyl. I had a Shure VR and now a delicious Empire EDR 9, and while the Nagaoka lacks a bit of top end refinement, it holds its own nicely. There are a lot of quality budget cartridges out there, but this one is my personal favorite.

9/10 by Egters

An excellent and affordable cartridge, with very detailed bass and mids, and silky treble. It tracks excellently and there's significantly less surface noise than with my Denon DL110 and Audio Technica AT95e. I opted for the MP-110h variant which comes mounted in a good-quality headshell, strongly recommended. The headshell is quite heavy, but this seems to work very well with my Technics SL-1210 Mk2 and it's easy to set the arm at 1,8g. I had to move the cart 3 mm forward as Nagaoka uses a mounting distance of 49mm (base of headshell stylus tip) while for the Technics 1200 this should be 52mm. The sound is very sweet, there's no audible distortion and one can listen for hours and hours without fatigue.

9/10 by Jimiz

An excellent cartridge that mates perfectly with my Pioneer PL-12D Mk II tonearm/turntable combo. I feel that it's neutral, and just lets the music flow. A very good value at 99 USD.

8/10 by Wirehead

Great all-round cartridge considering it's price level. Tracking is correct, some sibilance is heard on good systems/picky people :) . I would describe the sound as pretty neutral. Good bass, but not overpowering. Highs are detailed, yet not ear-piercing or boosted. Mid is normal, doesn't feel chesty. For those wondering: measured inductance is 810mH @ 1kHz. This is pretty high and needs to be mated with low-capacitance cables so the resonant frequency is out of the audible range. Using this value, one can calculate the optimum loading resistor.

9/10 by Alvabass

I'm extremely happy with this cartridge. I find it both warm and crisp-sounding. At 100 USD (Dec. 2012), it's one of the best cartridges for the money in my opinion. And not just because of the money! It's a real fine product.

8/10 by jrobby

Not to shabby for the money. It is a dynamic, punchy cartridge. If the recording is a little on the hot side this cart will let you know it. I have used it on an rb250 and a Technics sl1200 with good results.

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